Teenager Beats Another Teen To Death Due To Jealousy Over A Girl

According to law enforcement, a teenaged boy in Florida has been arrested for beating another teenager to death over a girl.

Sixteen-year-old Dillen Murray asked a friend named Giovanni Diaz to go to a wooded area—located in Lake Wales—on Monday afternoon. This is according to Grady Judd, the Polk County Sheriff.

Diaz was fifteen years old at the time of his death. His body was found on Monday; he had suffered blunt force trauma.

According to text messages obtained by law enforcement and local media, Murray asked Diaz to join him in the woods in order to smoke marijuana. Investigators also state that Murray claimed he just wanted to “play” with Diaz.

Diaz agreed to hang out with Murray, so the two spent time together in the wooded area. While the two young men were in the woods together, Diaz brought up a young woman with whom he had been involved romantically.

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According to Judd, Murray ended up learning that Diaz had “relations” with a girl that Murray had once liked and who had spurned his advances. As a result, Murray was angry and jealous. Judd said that Murray believed himself to be “in love” with the young woman—who actually did not like him at all.

Murray allegedly became so outraged as a result of the topic coming up that he started to hit Diaz with an aluminum bat. According to the sheriff, the force of the blows were quite severe—so much so that the tee-ball bat was actually dented and also covered with blood. Diaz was hit at least nine times in the head and face.

According to reports, Murray and Diaz lived in the same neighborhood.

The sheriff said that Murray claimed he simply did not want Diaz talking poorly about the girl he loved.

It was shortly before three in the afternoon on Monday that the sheriff’s office received a call from Murray.

According to Judd, Murray encountered a witness shortly after the beating and said he had hit his friend with a baseball bat. He asked what he should do. That witness told Murray that he should call 911, which he did.

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Murray made the claim that he hit Diaz with the bat in “self-defense”. Law enforcement at the scene found an unresponsive Diaz; there was blunt force trauma to the chest, arms, face, and head. Law enforcement also found the dented, bloody bat.

At first, Murray told law enforcement that Diaz attacked him with his fists and also the bat.

However, when Murray was told that there wasn’t any evidence of his being punched by Diaz or his being attacked with the bat, Murray allegedly confessed that he made up the story.

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The sheriff has also stated that a witness actually reported a conversation Murray had just two short days before the murder. The witness alleges that Murray wondered out loud about what it feels like to kill somebody.

According to Judd, what Murray would end up telling law enforcement is what is believed to be the true story—the killing was motivated by jealousy over a girl. However, Murray told law enforcement that he considered Diaz a friend.

Murray had actually been charged with battery in the past; one of the three charges was related to Diaz. In March of 2017, he was also charged with domestic battery against his father.

According to Judd, Diaz was a good young man. He was not a troublemaker at his home; he also was not known to be a troublemaker at his school.

The school district’s superintendent called him a joy to teach. She said he was “intellectual” and “analytical”, adding that he had a bright future ahead of him.

Murray, however, is a different story; according to Judd, there are pictures on Murray’s Facebook page of a bloody knife and a bloody clown.

Murray was charged with one count of possessing marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia—as well as one count of first-degree murder.

In order to help Diaz’s family pay for the funeral, a GoFundMe page has been created.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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