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The Inspirational Story Of An Addict Couple Who Got Clean Because Of Their Baby

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Former heavy substances addicts were able to turn their life around completely and ditched their bad habits. 26-year-old Kathleen Dennis and 38-year-old Kirt Graves met during rehab sessions in 2014 and stared a relationship soon after that. When they started living together, things took a turn for the worse, and the old habits came back. They were more hooked than ever, and the situation became so bad that that they needed two grams of heroin each a day—which means that the substances they bought each week set them back a whopping $3,500.

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To say that they reached the bottom of the barrel would be an understatement. The couple was soon forced to leave their apartment in Florida’s West Palm Beach, and they started living in Kathleen’s vehicle. They used sprinklers as a shower. It must have been really tough for both of them, but just as things were about to get hopeless, the couple received another chance and they were accepted in California’s Broadway Rehabilitation Center in November 2016. A couple of months later, they found out that this time the whole situation would be completely different; they had a new main reason to put up a fight with the addiction—Kathleen was pregnant.

They were shocked by the news, but it was all the motivation they needed. Both of them fought through everything, and they came out completely clean.

Kathleen is now taking care of her child all day at their home in Huntington Beach, California, and her story is truly inspirational. She says that it was the biggest surprise ever to find out about the pregnancy in the middle of the rehabilitation period.

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She added that she thought that the changes she felt in her body were due to her ovarian cyst condition, but after checking what was going on with an ultrasound device, there was no way to doubt she was with child.

Kathleen was scared because all of this was happening just when she was trying to pull her life together, but everything turned out fine. She gave birth to her son Rowan on the 27th of September last year; she and Kirt, who started a new job, are happy together in the apartment they bought.

The young woman says that most of her life was lived under the burden of her addiction. She started smoking weed at the age of 14. At 16, she was already taking opiates—she was never clean after that. Knowing her past, she was scared if she could be able to be a real mother and give her child everything necessary—two junkies as parents is certainly not one of those things. The happy mother shares that the happiest day in her life was when her son was born. Looking down on him, she delightfully thought that she created a perfect human being.

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The little boy strengthened the bond between his parents. He turned to be a very happy. His father Kirt, who has three older kids—a 10-year-old boy and two girls, aged 8 and 4—is thankful that this pregnancy helped him and Kathleen come out clean. He now works at a medical company. He added that they had nothing upon arriving in California, but they still had each other and the love they shared—that happily proved to be enough.

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The couple stayed in a facility during their 3-month recovery program. After that, Rowan Graves was born at Newport Beach’s Hoag Hospital. Both of the happy parents are now on the way to rebuilding their relationships with friends and family, which were broken during their lives as addicts. Kathleen says that he was disrespectful to her family—who only tried to help her, but she couldn’t have cared less at the time. Apparently her condition made her quite selfish and people started to slowly let her go. But things changed and they got closer with their relatives once the baby was born and they were no longer addicts.

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Kathleen’s parents were not convinced that the baby was such a good idea before, but now they are proud of how their daughter has changed. They love their grandson and they keep in touch with Kathleen often—unlike before, she feels that she could share anything with them.

The inspirational couple sees a marriage and other children in the future ahead of them. They are both convinced that they would not be able to overcome addiction on their own. The say that they are stronger together, and they went through the hard times because they had each other’s back. The fear of becoming an addict again is something normal to feel. However, as Kirt himself says, one look at his beloved family is enough to know that he would never go back to what he once was.

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