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The Man Who Illustrated Life With His Wife Announced They Are Having A Baby

Image Source: maya_devir / Instagram

You probably remember the funny and witty comics created by an artist named Yehuda Adi Devir. He and his wife Maya live in Tel Aviv and many moments of their everyday life were recreated by Yehuda in a unique way thanks to his amazing skills. His distinctive style is admirable and the way he makes us relate to most of the images is amazing! The new series of pictures he created are the most special so far! The reason is awesome – Maya is expecting and they are excited in their anticipation to become parents for the first time! Yehuda really gave his best to show the struggles and the everyday moments they went through. The sweet couple spent a year in attempts to conceive the child until it finally happened! The comics follow every step until the faithful moment Maya found out that she was finally pregnant!

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1. Here is how a future mother’s instinct kick in

Image Source: Instagram

A mother’s instinct is something extremely powerful but when a woman is ready to have kids despite not having any until now, she also starts feeling what that is like. It cannot be easily explained to people who never felt it. You can guess that a woman’s biological clock is ticking and she is more than ready to become a mom. The signs for this are numerous and one of the easiest to spot is portrayed by Yehuda in this image. Whenever the woman sees a mom and her baby, she literally transforms and this is all she could think about. Of course, the image is a bit exaggerated, but you get the message. Some people actually find this to be annoying, but we think that such reactions are more than normal. In fact, they are adorable and every man should react to these moments the way Yehuda did!

2. This is the reality and most men who are already fathers know it

Image Source: Instagram

Well, it might be a bit exaggerated, too, but most dads out there know what Yehuda tried to say with this comic. After a couple decides to have a baby, most ladies take matters seriously and they give their best to make the necessary calculations and preparations in order for it to happen. This involves planning of literally every attempt to conceive a child. Charts need to be made and a schedule must be followed in order for the chances of conceiving to be increased. While some men find this to be a burden and they get tired of it at some point, the right thing to do is to actually comply with these plans because they are not just something extra. They are actually the best thing any couple could do in order to conceive. Of course, some people are lucky enough to do it even on the first try, but in the majority of cases it just does not work that way. Yehuda and Maya are the best example because it took them approximately a year until they finally had a result.

3. At some point the man needs to be seduced

Image Source: Instagram

As much as men try to be dedicated and follow the plan ladies make, they grow tired of constantly trying over and over again. We guess some frustration can be sensed after a few months pass, too. It is inevitable and probably normal, because only certain individuals could withstand a long period of time during which they do the same thing over and over again and feel as optimistic as they were in the beginning. One of the best ways to tackle on that problem is in the hands of the woman! Any woman could easily seduce her man. After all, he loves her and finds her attractive, but the secret weapon women use is combining their charm with something they know their men love! Yehuda showed something that he probably finds to be an attractive combination that would work every time!

4. Here is something that is not welcome when trying to have a baby

Image Source: Instagram

This is one of the worst things couple experience during the time they try to have a baby. Whenever the time comes for the woman to have her period, both she and her man always anticipate that there will be no period this time, which would mean that she might be pregnant. It is the worst when the period comes a few days later than it should, giving the couple false hopes. When the woman experiences the first symptoms indicating that the she will have her next period, she feels more or less disappointed that another month has passed without a result. Unfortunately for the majority of couples, they need to go through this moment at least a few times before they achieve success. Yehuda and Maya experienced this more than a few times.

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5. Women tend to be more active when trying to conceive

Image Source: Instagram

We already mentioned that trying to have a baby is not an easy task and involves a ton of things that need planning and doing. Those men who have yet to become fathers probably assume that the part in which there is a huge number of attempts to conceive the child on a daily basis would be a pleasant experience instead of just the essential step towards conceiving a child, but they are wrong. At one point everything starts to resemble physical labor! Some women really get into it and they demand for their men to be ready to do it 24/7 and they even try to experiment with different techniques. In most cases such activities are much more intense than usual and men feel like they are exhausted all the time, because they actually are! The fact that their usual activity is lower in most of the times takes its tall and men are often drained of their powers.

6. This is one thing that some future dads need to put up with

Image Source: Instagram

We need to specify that not all the ladies out their husbands and boyfriends through this but it happens quite often. As we already mentioned, women are really dedicated into the mission of conceiving a child and they try all sorts of ideas. In fact, they are willing to do things that are not even considered plausible! One of the things that women use without any proven end result is making their husbands eat certain types of food or drink special blends of tea. In some cases things get really serious and ladies mix potions that are often hard to swallow! As you can see, Yehuda probably had something similar in mind when he created this picture! We also like the brilliant Powerpuff Girls reference! One of the boxes on the table is labeled with the ‘sugar, spice and everything nice’ slogan we remember from the classic cartoon series. The artist is probably a fan, too.

7. Here is something quite relatable Source: Instagram

Most men would definitely agree with this funny picture! The reason for that is more than obvious – ladies love using their men as pillows and even mattresses! There is nothing wrong with that, actually. We find it to be a really sweet for a girl to show her love and affection for her partner or husband! We believe that the desire ladies have to do such things actually increases during the time the couple tries to conceive a child. Maybe the cause the two people in a couple have brings them even closer together than they already were and this is one way ladies want to express that! Of course, some men want to get some rest in the night because they are physically tired, so they might actually find this to be a bit annoying.

8. When the faithful moment comes, the feeling is more than overwhelming

Image Source: Instagram

It does not matter how long a couple tried to conceive a child. When it finally happens, the feeling is always out of this world! Of course, it is probably much more rewarding after months and months of unsuccessful attempts. Trying to have a child sometimes is harder than actually introducing it to the world. Some couples spend years until their effort is rewarded with a child but every second is worth it! There is absolutely nothing greater than conceiving life and people feel like they are destined to do it at a certain point of their lives! There is no perfect timing for a person to have a child. Some couples prefer to have the child earlier in life while others want to grow together as a couple and gather experience before taking the responsibility of raising a child. It is nothing more than a choice. What’s more important is actually embedded in Yehuda’s artwork. The love a couple shares and the desire they have to raise a child together are the most important things. Having the patience and the willpower to do it complement those things.

Written by Nick Martin

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