NOSTRIL Hair Extensions.. No We Are Not Ready…

When it comes to beauty trends we want it now.We don’t really want it, because we like it. We do, because it’s new and fancy.

The latest trend is fake nose hair extensions. Twitter user @gret_chen_chen created this amazing new trend with putting fake spare eyelashes on her nose. It’s really easy to do, you just have to glue it.

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This new trend was already picked by the most popular fashion editors as a Halloween makeup. I am not too sure if putting glue in your nose is a good idea, but why not try it. If you make yourself like that for Halloween night I can guarantee you will be the most weird girl in the club.

An advice from FACTS WT team. Girls, please don’t wax or pluck your nose hair, because it protect us from infections when breathing.

Maybe it’s not as trendy as the Chicken Legs pants, but why not give it a try?

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