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“The Office” Is Coming Back In 2018

Have you ever found yourself in a position to argue which is the best version of ‘The Office’? Is Brant better than Michael Scott? Or Tim and Dawn vs Jim and Pam? Well – me neither. In my mind it’s all Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, no matter on which continent the show’s been produced. And it was a pretty good show, one of those who started the whole trend with the meta comedies. A tiny little show on the BBC2, that started to what seemed to be hopeless ratings (it almost got canceled because of it), but none the less grew to a comedic titan in near the end of it’s first series (that’s what the Brits call ‘a season’). It was so good, in fact, that it took off and got re-made in the land of endless possibilities – the United States of America, starring Steve Carell in the role that Gervais previously made iconic. Brits argue to this day that his is the definitive version of the show, but the fact remains – the US adaptation was received better and stayed longer on the air.

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Still, it was a while back. The infamous staff members of Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton office made their last screen appearance in 2013, but you know what – I’ve got some good news. As it turns out, NBC have plans to get the gang back together again in 2018-19.

The news aren’t all good, though. For one, if the folks at TV Line are correct, Steve Carell will not be repricing his role as the team’s leader Michael Scott. It’s a shame, really, because he nailed that character. But then again – life goes on. My guess is, Carell, who played Scott for 7 seasons, is way past a show like that. Instead, the word is that NBC are planning the show to feature a mix of old cast members and new ones. As for the question, who will be playing the newcomer regional manager, no one knows for sure.

One thing’s for sure – Bob Greenblat (happens to be the president of NBC) has showed real interest in getting the show back on the road. He spoke recently about talking with Greg Daniels (who developed the US version of the show) on the subject. In an interview for Deadline (TV Line’s sibling web site) Greenblat said the conversation about the revival of the show has been open for the last few years. That to me is a clear indication that TV executives are hungry for more Office action and are looking for a way to get in on the air again. We’ve seen it happen with Will and Grace and I believe it will happen with The Office as well.

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While on the subject of Will and Grace, it’s important to mention that the show’s return was not only critically acclaimed and generated a new wave of fans, but it also got the longtime viewers to return, making it one of NBC’s best commercial successes in recent years. Last week, it even managed to get nominated for several Golden Globes, one of which in the category of Best Comedy Series. This goes to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks, if the dog is the right one.

Other similar rumors have also started going around, about yet another hit NBC show that they maybe trying to bring back to the world, if The Office revival is successful – a little jam known as 30 Rock.

Of course, NBC are keeping it all of their plans pretty close to the chest and have neither confirmed, nor commented on any of it. Still, what’s on the table (or under it, in this case) is enough for the fans to geek out and hope.
Back to The Office though – who of the original cast do you think will return to reprise their character, now that Carell has stated that he won’t?

Dwight Schrute is the owner of the building, so it would seem that he and Angela would have to be in it, right? Who knows. All I know is that I sure hope to return to the Office as soon as possible.

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