The “Slender Man” Stabber Was Sentenced To 40 Years In An Institution For Attempted Murder

People are complicated beings and many among us have dark secrets to hide. The mental issues of a person could become a lot more than a burden and sometimes others get hurt for practically no reason at all, except for the ones that happen to exist in a troubled individual’s mind.

Morgan Geyser is obviously one of those people. She was twelve years old when she and another girl planned and executed an attack over their friend, stabbing her numerous times and leaving her for dead. Geyser was sentenced to spend the next 40 years in a mental institution.

Geyser is fifteen years old now and she was full of emotion when she heard her sentence. She said that all she wanted was to say to Bella and her family was how sorry she was—referring to her victim Payton Leutner with the nickname “Bella”.

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Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier pleaded guilty, admitting that they intentionally lured Payton Leutner to the woods near a suburban park in Milwaukee. Geyser was the one who stabbed the victim nineteen times, while her accomplice Weier encouraged her, the investigation said. After they thought that Leutner was dead, they simply left, but she actually survived and managed to crawl her way out of the woods. A bicyclist who happened to pass by helped her.

During the time of the attack all three girls were twelve years old.

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Geyser and Weier’s motive was more than a strange one—both of them said that they planned and executed the attack just to please The Slender Man, who is nothing more than a fictional character that got famous online. The girls said that they feared him and thought he might hurt them or harm their families. Slender man’s appearance is often described by mentioning his long limbs and a blank face. He is also quite thin.

The trial prosecutor stated before the court that Payton was alive today by sheer chance and it was a miracle that someone could survive such an attack.

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Judge Michael Bohren decided that he would agree with the prosecutors’ penalty proposition and he did not take into account the young age of the perpetrator at the time of the assault.

Judge Bohren said that the fact this was an attempted murder could not be neglected. The doctors monitoring Geyser’s mental state earlier said before the court that she was making some progress, but the judge still considered her to be “fragile”, adding that her delusional behavior could be dangerous for her and other individuals.

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Geyser’s lawyers hired a psychiatrist who has testified before, stating that she actually believed that she had a telepathic connection with Slender Man and could communicate with him. She also claimed that she was able to see and hear a variety of other characters, such as characters and unicorns, as well as some of the characters from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series and Harry Potter. Geyser was convinced she had “Vulcan mind control”.

Anissa Weier has already been sentenced to 25 years in a mental institution last December, after she admitted her guilt in August and was found guilty of second-degree intentional homicide; she stated that she could not take responsibility for her unfortunate actions due to her mental illness.

The Slender Man character was born in 2009 as a meme circulating the Internet. It originated from a forum platform named Something Awful. He was pictured as a tall and very thin man without a face, wearing a black suit, and his appearance was developed in a thread in which users manipulated ordinary photographs in order to make them look paranormal.

One of the entries in the thread was submitted by a user called “Victor Surge”, whose real name is Eric Knudsen, and what he posted was a couple of black and white photographs of two groups of children. What Knudsen did was add an extremely tall and thin figure in a black suit with a blank face, naming him Slender Man.

Due to the addition of text, the photographs became a work of fiction and others expanded on the character and his story.

The photos soon turned into fiction, because other users took the image of the character as a foundation and by adding text, they expanded the story and things started off from there.

Knudsen’s intentions were unlikely to cause terror among the users or to be taken for anything other than a successful photo edit. However, his character quickly went viral and was developed as online fiction through platforms such as The fictional stories describe Slender Man as a creature with long arms that enable him to catch his victims. He has also stalked children and had the power to cause amnesia, insomnia, or even paranoia. His devoted followers believe he is a truly sinister force.

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