The TRUE Story Of Ann Hodges – History’s Only Known Meteorite Victim

More than 50 years ago a falling meteorite hit an Alabama woman. It was the very first recorded case of a meteorite hitting a human being and the woman survived the strike.

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In the afternoon of the 30th of November 1954 Ann Hodges was napping on her landlord’s couch. While the then 34 year old woman was sleeping a meteorite fell through the Earth’s atmosphere and landed Oak Grove, Alabama, US. A small part of that meteorite tore away, went through the ceiling of Ann’s home and hit a wooden console radio. The meteorite then bounced off the radio and hit one of the woman’s hips while she was still sleeping. It left her badly injured and with severe bruises. Fortunately, the woman survived the strike and managed to recover from the hit.

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The accident gained huge publicity and the local police gave the meteorite particle to the US Air Force. Because of the publicity Ann’s case had gained she and her landlord received many offers from buyers, who wanted to keep the meteorite as a souvenir. The two of them bought it back from the US Air Force, but it took them nearly a year of negotiations to do so. As a result, the buyers had already lost interest in the story and the rocky space particle. Two years after the meteorite hit Ann she donated it to the Alabama Museum of Natural History.

The meteorite was dubbed the Hodges Meteorite, although many people refer to it as the Sylacauga Meteorite. According to many historians and journalists, this meteorite is not only the only extraterrestrial particle to have hit a human being, but it is also the very first recorded case of a meteorite striking a human being. However, there are many other cases of fallen meteorites, which have indirectly caused injuries to many people all across the globe.

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