12 Families Who Bring Loads Of Fun Into Their Lives

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The good thing about families is that all the members look out for each other, but that has nothing to do with the relationship and the daily battles that siblings fight all the time; after all, your brother might be your worst enemy and you could still love him, right? Some families’ schedule is full of pranking, trolling and making fun of everyone in the household. This is a healthy way of keeping a relationship, actually, because having loads of fun bonds the family tighter, despite that all the members get humiliated, ashamed and laughed at frequently.

This list contains twelve images of family fun done right; some of them may seem to be savage and ruthless, but it is still hilarious to see.

1. The perfect gift to troll your favorite sibling with

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The brother’s face really says it all. This girl found the perfect way to combine trolling with her sibling’s birthday. She even wore the same outfit when she gave it to him and it looks like her plan was a complete success.

2. Birthday cakes are obsolete when it comes to loving families

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We guess that the woman in the picture is crying out of laughter; who could blame her, just look at that birthday fish! It looks just as absurd as it sounds. The arrangement is pretty neat, too; it has a lit candle and confetti all around. What you see is a perfect birthday prank!

3. Experience obviously matters

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These kids’ mother must have seen a whole lot of pranks in her lifetime, and this is probably the reason why she was not particularly impressed with her offspring’s attempt to fool her.

4. Parenting done right

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A big part of having fun is the sense of danger; this is what keeps the adrenaline high. While mothers are always caring and tend to be overprotective, dads are usually those who let their kids enjoy themselves even when some risk is involved. Where’s the fun in staying safe and sound all the time?

5. Danger is a family tradition with these folks

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Imagine these babies’ mother when they saw what the fathers were doing. However, as we already mentioned, having fun involves a little danger sometimes. These men were definitely in danger of getting slapped by their wives, too.

6. Sending your child food supplies is a perfect way to troll them, obviously

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Image Source: Twitter

The reaction of this student upon receiving a big box containing just one potato chip must have been priceless.

Congratulations to the father for making the effort to do this.

7. Who could actually be scared of bingo night?

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When you reject your grandfather’s proposal to join him for a wild night of bingo, you must face the consequences with dignity.

8. Grandma shows how things are done

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It looks like this grandma is literally ‘calling the shots’ and she’s doing it perfectly, not to mention bragging about it to her grandchildren. It must be tough to accept that your granny is way more fun than you are.

9. This has got to be the funniest and clever parenting hack ever

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Giving any kind of medicine to a kid is no easy task, but if there’s will, there is a way, and it’s definitely a part of the family fun.

10. Here’s how you troll your sibling with style

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When this girl realized that she was the one who said that the size of her pancakes didn’t matter, she knew right away that it was a clever trap set up by her loving brother. It might be a bit cruel, but it’s still a nice prank.

11. Sometimes the family’s support of a certain idea is hilarious

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This family really knows how to troll one another. The recreated photos look even better than the original; we salute them for the effort.

12. Nobody would like to have this kind of family photos

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Most people’s parents would probably react differently in a situation like this, but not these folks. Their perfect reaction to seeing their son drunk and asleep on the floor is possibly the best form of trolling on the list. Oh, and they uploaded the photos on social media. We wish all parents were as cool as this couple.

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