These 13 Photos Show The Crazy World We Live In

Image Source: Reddit

We often don’t realize that we are actually lucky to have our planet with all her assets. Even more, it is a mysterious place which could never seize to amaze us in many different ways, and the people are the main factor for that, of course.

Some of these ways are extremely funny, weird and entertaining. You could see examples of them in the list below, and they would probably remind you to appreciate the life we have with all of its ways.

1. The question here is why did they do it?

Image Source: Reddit

We have to admit that these are the most unconventional door handles we have ever seen, and we wonder what made these people choose to do make them like that. When we noticed the quality of the paint work, we assumed that it is not the best repair shop in the world for sure.

2. Wow, this is ridiculous!

Image Source: Reddit

We understand that there are trends in the world of cosmetics and fashion, but this does not look good, not to mention that it’s hardly practical. On the other hand, it seems that scratching you back would become a whole lot easier if you have these claw-nails on your fingers.

3. We demand an explanation for this

Image Source: Reddit

What is wrong with people, seriously? Is this a weird way to gain some attention online? If that’s the case, it may easily be considered as a fail. It looks so unpleasant that we cannot even describe it, not to mention the hygiene side of things.

4. People seem to get really creative when it comes to taking a selfie

Image Source: The Chive

Selfies were just a craze years ago, but they quickly became a part of our lives and thus a whole new industry was born; it produces selfie accessories like the famous sticks. However, this person decided to use another approach and inverted the way the selfie stick works. Nobody needs this, but it’s weird enough to be featured here.

5. Weird does not even begin to describe this

Image Source: Reddit

Whoever made hairy nails a real thing? We cannot believe that someone would actually agree to have hairs glued to their nails. The idea is absurd and the end result is not just controversial; it is absolutely hideous to watch.

6. Not your typical urban landscape

Image Source: The Chive

This photo is a bit awkward, but it is also quite beautiful in a certain way. The only question is how could it was exactly for those noodles to freeze like that, and what’s the idea behind the photo? We would probably never know.

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7. You don’t see things like this every day

Image Source: The Chive

A scooter with a green alien and a chef riding on the back is definitely one rare sight; it may actually be the only time it happened. There must be a story behind this photo. Whatever it was, you could bet that these two brought a lot of laughs along while riding the scooter.

8. This is quite a match

Image Source: The Chive

Obviously this guy’ shirt matches the inside of the bowl almost perfectly, and there comes the reasonable question – which came first? If these items were bought intentionally to match each other, then this dude might just have a style problem.

9. You have never seen a shower like this before

Image Source: Reddit

Saying that this is one of the weirdest things we have ever seen would be an understatement. Most people would probably be scared to shower in there, and that includes us. It looks so creepy and it’s not funny at all, but it seems that the owner is pretty happy with it.

10. Yes, somebody bit that chunk of butter

Image Source: eBaum’s World

It takes a special kind of person to go into a supermarket and bite a huge chunk of butter. We hope that it was some kind of bet, because if it was done intentionally for no actual reason, this person would be automatically considered as a bad member of society.

11. Wait, what?

Image Source: Twitter

What kind of a stunt is this? It looks absolutely chilling, and we even wonder if it is possible at all, and different people online have their doubts about it, too. We’ll let you decide whether this is a fake image or not.

12. The best vending machine ever

Image Source: The Chive

If you have trust issues, you would likely miss the upper left option, but most people would probably give it a go and choose it. The end result would surely be interesting, and we hope that it does not return a simple bottle of water or something like that.

13. Who knew bonsai trees could look hot?

Image Source: Reddit

Well, you could say that this bonsai has buns! And it is probably obvious for everyone who took a look at the picture. It is almost as weird as it is funny.

Written by Nick Martin

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