These One-in-a-million Twins Riley And Bobby Have Different Skin Color

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Check out these twin brothers, who were born with different skin colors!

Riley and Bobby George aren’t your average twins – they actually have different skin colors.
Five years ago Abigail Tongue bore a set of twin brothers. Abigail and her partner, Richard George, used to joke that their babies will have different skin tones, since Richard is of mixed race, while Abigail is white. Little did they know they were actually right. When their baby boys Bobby and Riley were born, they looked quite alike. However, as they started growing up, something incredible happened – Bobby’s skin tone lightened and his brown eyes somehow turned blue. Riley’s eyes remained the same color, but his skin tone darkened. And so, the twins ended up completely different from each other – so different that even their parents couldn’t believe what was happening with their baby boys.

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Nowadays the 25 year old Abigail and the 29 year old Richard are happy with how their lives turned out and the way their twins look. Unfortunately, they still haven’t found any logical or scientific explanation for the phenomenon. In fact, even experts are baffled by the twins’ case. When Richard and Abigail went to see a doctor after Bobby broke one of his legs back in 2012, the doctors refused to believe that he was related to his own twin!

The two brothers are currently living with their parents in Isleworth, London, UK. Richard and Abigail have another kid – a daughter, named Amelia, who is 3 years old now. As if the twins’ skin tones aren’t striking enough, Amelia’s case is even stranger. Since each child got the skin of one of the parents, this kid is actually bearing the genes of both parents and her skin tone is a mix of Abigail’s one and Richard’s one.

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