These two identical Korean twins reunited 25 years later thanks to YouTube

Image Source: TUMBLR

A pair of two identical Korean twin sisters got separated at birth and they were finally reunited 25 years afterwards thanks to a YouTube video.

Image Source: TUMBLR

This is the fascinating story of Samantha Futerman and Anais Bordier – two Korean twins, who reunited after being separated for 25 years.

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Anais grew up in Paris, France, as an only child in her adoptive family. She went on to study fashion design in London, UK. During her time there somebody showed her a life-changing video on YouTube. The video showed a South Korean actress named Samantha, who not only looked exactly like Anais, but also sounded her like and acted like her. The similarities between this girl and Anais were so striking that she decided to do a thorough research on the YouTube girl. At the end she came across her profile on Facebook and decided to write her a message. She asked her when she was born and where. In the end, Anais realized that Samantha was actually her twin sister.

The two girls were born in November 1987 in South Korea. Anais was adopted by her French family and Samantha grew up with her adoptive family in New Jersey. Nowadays the two girls have daily chats on Skype while they are separated on two continents, they have written a book about their life story and they are planning on making a movie about it as well. The twins are currently trying to raise the funds for the movie project through the crowdfunding website Kickstarter.

The strange thing about their encounter and reunion isn’t the fact that they were able to find each other regardless of the distance between them. What’s unbelievable is the fact that the two girls aren’t only visually identical, but have shockingly similar personalities, even though they grew up far away from each other.

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