This Adult Movie Star Explains How She Managed To Overcome Bullying Through Her Work

Image Source: HarrietSugarcookie / Instagram

Harriet Sugarcookie is a London girl in her 20s, and she runs the biggest SFW (Safe for work) porn website in the world; it seems like an odd idea, but it is also an innovative one, just as Harriet is herself unique. However, she wants to share a lot more than just her looks with the world.

She is constantly on her cellphone doing business and is currently working and living in Budapest. A lot of her time is spent on porn shoots as well as doing video logs for her plethora of followers.

Harriet says that it can be exhausting to be in front of the camera for many hours a day, and there is a great deal of stress involved, but she has to do it for her Twitter and Instagram followers. She has close to 250,000 in total. Social media gives her the chance to actually communicate with the fans, rather than just give them another porn video for them to enjoy.

She enjoys her online image and presence now, because this popularity is the complete opposite of her teenage years, when she was quite isolated. In her own words, she used to move a lot from one place to another with her parents because of her father’s work. It may sound strange now, but she says that she used to be very shy and had a hard time finding new friends. Harriet admits that she was more the “geek” type of person, and at the time such an image was not considered cool; if it was, she added, she might have had some friends.

Image Source: HarrietSugarcookie / Instagram

She used to wear braces and glasses, and she also sported an “emo” haircut; now, however, she is happy to have straight teeth and no anxiety whatsoever. At the moment, she is as confident as a person can be, and she says that she really enjoys her role.

Image Source: HarrietSugarcookie / Instagram

The old days were over for her after a friend introduced Reddit Asian forums to her and convinced her to post at least one picture that she thought was terrible. Surprisingly for her, she received a lot of compliments and also made quite a few connections; as a result, her confidence started growing rapidly. It all grew into a business, and her production company started winning awards. Harriet even created a sexual advice platform based in Hungary.

Image Source: HarrietSugarcookie / Instagram

The entrepreneur now uses her influence to help others that feel the same way she did. She even offers up time to chat to a lot of her followers who are alone during the holidays.

Despite her innovative approach, it seems that society still does not consider porn to be a real career, despite the fact it takes a lot of hard work and sleep deprivation. It often consumes all of her time, and she claims to be exhausted both physically and mentally.

She would say to anyone who does not consider porn to be a legitimate job that it may not seem like a serious business, but she has employees and contributes to the economy. For those reasons, it is a very, very real job. However, she does not want to go out of her way to convince anybody—she does what she likes, no matter what people think.

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Image Source: HarrietSugarcookie / Instagram

Most of her videos are unlike most of the other porn films, because they feel more intimate than the usual offerings, and they just look like a real private scene shot with an amateur point of view.

She says that she really makes an effort to make her videos look like that, and the more sensual approach definitely separates her work from most of the other videos, which have clearly been created just for the profit.

Image Source: HarrietSugarcookie / Instagram

Harriet thinks that porn can be healthy or unhealthy, depending on how you view it and use it. When it is not an obsession, it is a good thing to have around and be able to access. There is no addiction that is good for you, so the same goes here, too. That is why she thinks that people should understand that porn is not a tutorial of some sort, and it cannot be the only source of sex knowledge, especially for younger viewers—those situations are the ones in which the parents absolutely must step in.

Harriet thinks that adults should be open-minded and speak with their kids about sex and what it means to have a healthy relationship. They also have to teach children that porn is a fictional interpretation and cannot be used for educational purposes.

Image Source: HarrietSugarcookie / Instagram

The young star’s busy schedule includes an upcoming AI sex gig, and even her attendance at the AVN Awards, because she has been nominated for Favorite Indie Clip Star.

She is leading a new movement in the porn world, one which pictures an adult performer as something much more than just a sexual object. Her fans’ perception of her includes her personality and qualities, rather than just her body.

Image Source: HarrietSugarcookie / Instagram

Harriet’s plans for the future do not include acting in porn indefinitely. She says that she will do it until it stops bringing her the pleasure of having sex in front of a camera. But no matter what she will do in her life, one thing is certain—bullies or haters will not be able to slow her down.

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