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This Artist Turns Everyday Objects Into Spacecrafts And The Result Is From ‘Another World’

Image Source: Instagram / spacegooose

Eric Geusz is a software engineer and also an artist which tells us that he must be an interesting person! In fact, he is more than that! His creative nature and vision are what makes his works of art unique! He draws spaceships which look amazing but the intriguing part about them is the fact that they were inspired by trivial items typical for every home. It seems that everything can be turned into a spaceship if you are talented enough and good ideas come to you easily. Check out his brilliant works of art included in the list below. For more of his creations you can visit one these links:

1. This is the best piece of art to kick off the list with

Image Source: Artstation

It is more than clear where the inspiration for this artwork came from! The artist shared that he began drawing spaceships after Star Wars was released 21 years ago. He even created models using Lego and perfected his skills over the years. He obviously got really into it because his newest creations are mind-blowing! All the details and the concept itself are like nothing we have ever seen before! As you can see, he was able to turn the contours of a game controller and a remote into s super realistic spacecraft!

2. Here is something really creative

Image Source: Artstation

When we said that Eric used only common household items, we meant exactly that! As you can see, he was able to find inspiration in a bottle of chili sauce which is pretty impressive! There is nothing intriguing about a chili bottle but Eric was able to see beyond the simple design and added a lot of features to it, turning it into a real masterpiece! We would never guess that the initial design was inspired by a bottle!

3. The fidget spinner makes a nice spacecraft

Image Source: Artstation

We believe that if a certain detail is more or less futuristic, turning it into a spacecraft would definitely be easier compared to other items. As you can clearly see, the fidget spinner was actually the perfect thing to inspire a truly realistic space station! It looks stunning and we love the fact that it actually looks like something real! We bet that ideas embedded in this design would be used for future projects. There are certainly a lot of features of this design that are probably useful.

4. Now this is something really cool

Image Source: Artstation

This is definitely one of the coolest ides on the list. It also appears to be inspired by the Star Wars saga and the reasons why we think like that are more than obvious! This fighter is awesome and the aggressive and sleek design is a big enough reason for us to make us want one! We think that ideas these good should be developed by tech companies and they could actually be turned into a reality sooner than expected. We guess that everyone would like to buy one of these instead of purchasing a high-speed highway cruiser. Maybe this is how the future sports cars will look like. We guess we will just have to wait and see.

5. Even a simple gadget like this one can look fabulous when Eric turns it into a spacecraft

Image Source: Artstation

This gadget is one of the most common household items and it serves a pretty specific purpose. However, every artist can turn even a simple item like that into a work of art by manipulating its image or adding some features to it. Eric was able to completely transform the initial design and the spacecraft he created is awesome! His imagination must be really productive because turning an object like that into something completely different is no easy task for sure!

6. Here is another example of brilliant design

Image Source: Artstation

The more you go through this great artist’s work, the bigger your amazement grows. It appears that the combination between a brilliant idea and enough talent to make it a reality is a rare thing to see and Eric’s work is definitely a proof that this combination exists! This creation is just as impressive as the rest on the list! The initial idea came from another simple object – the peeling tool. It is hard to believe that anyone could create the design of a flying machine by drawing inspiration from an object which can be found in the kitchen drawers or cabinets.

7. The salad clamp is obviously suitable to be turned into a spaceship, too

Image Source: Artstation

There are no boundaries when it comes to imagination! If a person’s imagination is running wild, chances are that they could be inspired literally all the time by everything they see. We guess that Eric is one of those people and you can definitely tell that by looking at his stunning artworks! The salad clamp is probably the last thing you would expect to be turned into a spacecraft but you can clearly see that the artist was able to pull it off and it looks super cool, too! We believe that any chef would actually be amused by this amazing illustration.

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8. Here is how a can opener can also be shaped like a spacecraft

Image Source: Artstation

The fact that we can put the word ‘spacecraft’ next to ‘spacecraft’ in the same sentence is peculiar but when you see the images above you begin to realize that there can be certain similarities between the two things, according to Eric, at least. He was able to turn the shape of the can opener into a stunning spacecraft and this is actually an amazing achievement! How do you change something like this into a completely different thing and still make it seem like it can be built for real? Eric is a real talent and he definitely has an eye for details.

9. This is definitely one of Eric’s best ideas

Image Source: Artstation

Here is an idea that really blew our minds! We love seeing how it turned out considering that the base was nothing more than a shampoo bottle! We guess that the artist knows no limits and absolutely every possible object found in a home could be turned into a realistic spacecraft! Seeing how this shampoo bottle was transformed is a proof that Eric can do anything he wants with any object he sees.

10. Now this is a lot more technological than the rest

Image Source: Artstation

We believe that good artists can develop a certain idea in many different ways but we are also convinced that there is only one way to fully reach an idea’s potential. This happens when the vision and the skills of the artist are in correspondence with the base he set himself. Here is why choosing a trimmer as the base of the next spacecraft project is the best possible thing to do. The trimmer is already packed with technology which means that its design is already high-tech which helps with the ideas about the spacecraft. As you can see, the well-designed trimmer served as the perfect base for this aircraft and the end result is absolutely stunning.

11. This is a rather unusual object but it was also transformed by the artist

Image Source: Artstation

Eric transforms a variety of different things and he does not have any specific criteria about his choice of the object he is about to do next. As you can see, this is a bit weird but is more than enough to serve as the base of another stunning spacecraft illustration. We can never get tired of seeing such things and our own imagination skyrockets after seeing them.

12. People on social media praised Eric

Image Source: Twitter

One user even suggested that Eric should reveal more about himself and his personal life! We believe that this user has a point and time lapses videos of Eric working would definitely attract a lot of new followers and his fan base would be increased with a rapid pace. The best thing that Eric could do is reshape the business and keep it running for as long as possible.

13. Here is how we used to make flying machines out of a ballpoint pen

Image Source: Twitter

This user probably felt nostalgic after seeing Eric’s works of art and reminded us about the simple way we created airplanes back when we were students. All it took was retractable pen and a ruler! You probably know the rest or at least you can imagine it! A lot of the time in third grade was spent in fierce races between these ‘planes’. It seems that Eric’s work brings up memories!

14. Some people even asked for advice

Image Source: Twitter

It appears that many people were impressed by these awesome illustrations and some of them even asked for advice! This person decided to ask something that also puzzled us! He wanted to know what did Eric do to make it possible to combine objects that are not shaped in a certain technological trend and turn them into objects that are the epitome of high-tech.

Written by Nick Martin

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