This Brave Father Grabbed His Gun And Chases Gang Who Tried To Abduct His Daughter

Amber was quick on her feet and that bought her just enough time, until her dad (in the picture with her) arrived in the nick of time.

Amber suffered no injuries. She and her dad are having their day in court, where her 4 attackers are facing kidnapping and home invasion charges.

The Family House

This is the Brackney family’s house. Right now it’s priced at $400,000. That could get higher, because the interior is undergoing some serious redesigning right now.

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This is one of Brackney’s business vehicles.

Summary of the story:

  • As Amber Brakney was about to drive off, leaving her home, she realized her path was blocked by scattered barrels.
  • She didn’t leave her vehicle, but maneuvered her way around them.
  • Later, police representatives shed more light on the barrels angle – the obstacles were put there by the assailants (Austin French, age 17, Kamauri Horn, age 15, Tyree Johnson, age16 and Keilon Johnson, age 19) in order to stop Brakney’s car as a precursor to her planned abduction.
  • Upon realizing what the situation was, Amber’s father, Terry Brackney, rushed out and confronted the group on the street.
  • The boys succeeded in escaping him, but later were arrested by a police unit. The authorities found in their possession fire arms and a knife.
  • For their attempt at kidnapping and home invasion, the four teenagers are facing serious criminal charges.

H/T – DailyMail

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