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This Family Has Been Sending The Most Amazing Christmas Cards For 16 Years

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There is a lovely little family out there known as the Bergerons. Mike and Laura Bergeron have been sending out Christmas cards for 16 years now, and it is some funny stuff.

Regular readers of my work know that I find greeting cards to be not so great. I understand they had a point way back when for some reason, but the entire greeting card industry is now pointless. I can’t believe there are still Hallmark stores in the United States. Hallmark, you should focus your energy on what you do best—making delightful Christmas movies to cheer me up when I am feeling down!

So Mike and Laura have been sending out Christmas cards for sixteen years. Here are eleven funny examples of their work.

1. The First Card

Image Source: Imgur

2. The Card From 2010

Image Source: Imgur

3. The Card From 2004

Image Source: Imgur

4. The Card From 2007

Image Source: Imgur

5. The Card From 2011

Image Source: Imgur


6. The Card From 2014

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Image Source: Imgur


7. The Card From 2016

Image Source: Inspire More

8. The Card From 2005

Image Source: Imgur

9. The Card From 2008

Image Source: Imgur

10. The Card From 2012

Image Source: Imgur

11. The Card From 2018

Image Source: Imgur

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