This Florida Woman Offered Oral Pleasures To 3 Police Officers, But Her Genius Plan Failed

Some people can get pretty desperate when they got pulled over by the police. This is what happened to Arielle Engert, a 24 years old woman from Florida, who is now slapped with bribery charges, because she wanted to perform some oral actions in exchange for her freedom.

Arielle was pretty drunk and high when she was pulled over early in the morning, as the police report obtained by The Smoking gun shows. She was tested and of course failed several sobriety tests. She panicked and started offering herself to the stunned policeman who was just doing his job. She offered herself to was deputy Brian Sudbrink, but he remained calm, stayed strong and declined her irresistible offer.

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So that’s how Arielle Engert paved her way to the Pinellas County Jail. There she met the two other participants in this interesting story. Of course, they were policemen too. They searched her and guess what – found a bag of cocaine in her bra and a bag of weed in her purse. So, she was left with no choice and the first thing she could think of was to offer these two young gentlemen some oral massage and even more! But the two deputies, whose names are Obed Munoz and Eric Biddle, kindly refused her offer and acted like real professionals – charged her with drug possession and drunk driving (he blood alcohol level was two times the limit!).

So poor Arielle, who was caught driving under influence several times before that, was fined $5,150. She paid and got released. According to some internet research, she is a student in the University of Florida, had a Facebook page, but it got taken down right after this accident.

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