This Guy Added Every Girl In His Phone To One Group Chat & Got Surprise Replies

Image Source: Dom Flanagan

A guy named Dom Flanagan was pretty desperate for female company not too long ago, so he decided to reach out to all of the female contacts on his phone.

He did so using the application WhatsApp, and he actually reached out to over 50 women—the women in his device’s phonebook.

Image Source: UNILAD

Dom, upon opening the chat, bravely wrote that he could not be bothered texting all of the women individually, and then asked them what they were doing. He was messaging a handful of women individually at first, but then realized a group chat would be a far more effective use of his time.

Dom, who is from West Yorkshire and a rugby player, stated that he was messaging five or more girls and was asking them what they were doing that night.

According to him, he figured it would just be easier to do it “all at once”. He added female contacts—including ex-girlfriends—to the group chat. One girl ended up calling him a disgusting pig as a result.

Image Source: UNILAD

The long and short of it is that Dom’s boldness really did not pay off for him. Screenshots show women leaving the “group chat”, often calling him a nasty name before they left it.

While Dom wasn’t exactly successful with his group chat, he did earn himself a bit of attention online. His tweet has been liked over 3,000 times, and it has also been retweeted about 700 times.

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The females to whom Dom reached out weren’t exactly impressed by his decision. Nasty words were used. One simply called the whole thing “disappointing”.

While one woman called him a “disgusting pig”, another woman didn’t mind his approach very much, saying that she might be interested in him after a few wines—and encouraging him to be in touch later. That woman quickly realized that she was not talking to only Dom—she was also talking to over 50 other people.

The first message to the women was sent at about 9:20 in the evening on a Saturday. According to Dom, he had been drinking for five hours or so, and may have consumed as many as 10 alcoholic beverages. He freely admits that he was intoxicated.

Image Source: UNILAD

Dom has said that he will not try to reach out in a similar fashion again. He stated that he’s relatively sure most of the women he contacted have boyfriends; therefore, he does not want to push his luck.

If you’re not familiar, WhatsApp Messenger is an application that allows the sending of text messages as well as voice calls, video calls, documents, and images. While the application runs on mobile devices, it is accessible using desktop computers, and it actually uses standard cellular phone numbers. It was released over 9 years ago, and was acquired in February 2014 by Facebook—the price was over 19 billion dollars. As of last month, the user base is over one billion people. Interestingly, Israel is one of the places the application is strongest in terms of penetration. It is used by many Israeli families in order to stay in touch, and it is believed to be installed on over 90 percent of smartphones in the country.

There are also over 200 million monthly users in India, the country believed to have the most monthly active users.
Naturally, Dom is not the first person to try to use WhatsApp to score a bit of company. Back in December of 2015, a man named Tom used the application to wish four of his girlfriends a “merry Christmas. He did so using group chat.

The conversation was, as you might expect, pretty awkward and also hilarious. Tom opened the conversation by suggesting the women share memories of him with one another, adding that he was lonely and missed them all. He thanked them for sharing parts of their lives with him.

We have no idea how it all turned out, but one of the women he contacted using the application seemed keen to get a drink with him. Her nan had passed away, and she was interested in a drink with her ex. The other women weren’t amused by his decision to group chat with them.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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