This is the RUDEST note EVER to a waitress

A man wrote the rudest note ever to a waitress instead of giving her a tip. So, his cousin decided to make things right and made the wronged waitress’ day.

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A nice and thoughtful man’s cousin might be the worst customer ever. He and his entourage went to Joe’s Crabshack in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US. The previous time they had been there, they had ordered some sour cream, however, they were out of it now. So, instead of just ordering something else, the guy and his friends decided to be inconsiderate and insolent. They wrote the rudest note to the waitress and instead of giving her a tip, they just paid for the meal and wrote “find sour cream” on the tip area on their receipt.

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Fortunately, there are some good people out there, like this guy’s cousin – Dustin Clark. Clark saw how his rude cousin was bragging about his awful actions on Facebook, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. He looked up the restaurant’s address, posted a status on Facebook explaining his cousin’s actions and vowed to make things right with the wronged waitress. Dustin promised to find the waitress and to give her a $20 tip. The restaurant’s policy suggests that a nice tip would be 15% of the bill, which meant that Dustin’s cousin should have left a $10 tip for the $71 bill instead of the rude note. So, Dustin went to the restaurant and gave the waitress $10 for the tip and additional $10 for having to put up with his cousin’s rudeness.

He later posted an update on Facebook, which stated that the waitress was actually one of the nicest people he has ever met and that he made her day by showing up and apologizing for the rude behavior.

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