This man gave away his daughter’s car for free, because she's keeping it dirty

This guy’s daughter is keeping her car dirty and is refusing to clean it up. Thus, as a lesson, the man is giving up the car for free.

Image Source: METRO.CO.UK
Image Source: METRO.CO.UK

When you get a car for your teenage daughter, the first thing that comes to you mind when it comes to the car’s safety is that your girl might crash and destroy it. This, however, isn’t the case of this particular man, who is so fed up with his daughter not cleaning up her car that he has decided he should give it away to somebody else for free.

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James Baggott wasn’t happy with his step-daughter Ella’s wish to not keep her Peugeot clean, so he decided to do something about it. The teenager, who has just finished high school, has been so neglect towards her car that there’s is mold and other nasty stuff growing from every single corner of the inside of the vehicle. James described the car as “the most disgusting Peugeot the world has ever seen” and if you just look at what the inside of the car looks like, you will totally believe the man! Just opening a door and breathing in the air might be lethal for your health! The nasty way Ella has been treating her car has made James think of a way to get rid of it by offering it to somebody for free.

He has put up an advert on his own website and claims that all you have to do in order to receive the vehicle free of charge is to like his Facebook page. The man opted for burning the nasty vehicle, but he decided that somebody might want to use it, because it’s still working. However, he warned people that the winner should be wearing gloves and a special suit when he/ she comes to collect his disgusting prize.

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