This Man Used To Drink A Couple Of Energy Drinks A Day And This Is What Happened To Him

Nowadays people often use energy drinks to make it through the busy day. Many of us do not believe that everyday use of such beverages may be really harmful. Although there are already a lot of death cases caused by energy drinks, those who continue to consume it hope and believe that this won’t happen to them.

This is the true story of Austin, a regular man and father. He used to drink a couple of energy drinks every day, because of his busy daily schedule.

Image credits: Endres Photography

His wife, Brianna shared the whole story and how her husband is physically changed because of over-consuming energy drinks. Thanks to Sara Endres you’ll be able to see the family’s struggle, documented in moving portraits.

The young mother shared how she almost lost her husband, because of the energy drinks and how the incident changed her forever.

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She started her story with an explanation about love. She said that the love is not only dates, messages, phone calls or even memories, it’s much more – knowing that in every moment you have to be ready to sacrifice things that you never thought you would do. “Love is selfless”, she said.

She explained that while she was 9th month pregnant with her first child, she had to experience something she never thought she will be have to. Finding out that her husband is in hospital left her shocked and speechless for a moment. This unconditional love which they were feeling for their unborn child wasn’t supposed to be combined with such a terrible accident. She said that they were so excited to meet their little boy and wanted to give him the perfect life.

Austin got used to his busy schedule and never thought he will end up in a hospital.

Brianna remembered the night before the accident and said she never thought her life will make a 180-degrees turn within hours when her mother in law woke her up with a call, saying “Austin had an accident”. Briana said that upon her arrival she didn’t know why he is in there.

It took her 2 hours driving to the hospital. As soon as she got there she found out that the love of her life and father of her child, had a brain hemorrhage. After a regular drug test, the doctors’ concluded that the hemorrhage was a result due to excessive use of energy drinks. He needed a surgery ASAP! Brianna shared that Austin started with the everyday consumption as soon he started working doubles.

Brianna said the surgery continued 5 hours. She and his parents were able to see him after that. Unfortunately the he didn’t look good at all. There were tubes all over his head, but the only thing she was able to see was his crying parents holding each other and praying for his life. Nobody knew if he will ever wake up. She said that the worst feeling is to see her new family broken apart and crying.

He survived that surgery, but unfortunately he needed a couple more. Several surgeries later, there was an irreparable hole in Austin’s front skull.

Two weeks after almost living in the hospital, wondering if Austin is going to survive all the surgeries, they finally got home.

His wife was still under stress, because of his condition when she gave birth to their adorable child.

Image credits: Endres Photography

“It was so hard”, she said. Brianna explained she was hoping that Austin will be there for her, holding her hand, but unfortunately by the time she gave birth he was still in the hospital.

The best thing, which she described as a miracle, happened after the birth of their son – Austin woke up. She said that it had been a hard week without seeing him. She used to cry every time she saw their baby, because the little baby boy looked exactly like his father. She left her own one-week old baby to her parents in law, because she needed to see Austin, to tell him that his son is here and they need him.

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