This mother without a job spent $30,000 of child benefits on a plastic surgeries

The benefit system in the UK is arguably good, and also bad. Whilst some people are getting by on pennies after a day’s work, with very little additional income from the government, and others are doing no work, and living fairly comfortably from the government’s pocket, you could say it’s a pretty bad system.

Having seen first hand, how bad it can be, it is absolutely shocking that the government would allow this to happen. A grandmother and mother who had no job, had been receiving child benefits, and decided to spend £20,000 worth on some cosmetic surgery. Andrea Dalzell is 48 years old, and has been saving these child benefit payments for the last 12 weeks. They come in at £15 every week, and have paid for many operations for her.

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The most recent one being when she travelled over to Hungary to get the surgery done at a lower cost to the UK, and in total, spent just £3,500 on the trip.

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Despite having four children, Andrea has said that due to the lifestyle she leads, and no doubt other benefits she receives, she has been able to save up all of these for herself. Looking at her diet, you may argue that it’d be more healthy to just spend it on food, as she said she only ever has one meal a day, but one good thing is that she can’t afford to buy booze. And apparently, her kids don’t want anything.

Andrea has said that she having surgery to improve her image has always been something she would do, as the wrinkles just don’t suit her.

If she’d had her most recent surgery done in the UK, she wouldn’t have been able to afford it quite yet, at £10,000 however, the much cheaper £3,500 package in Budapest allowed her to get it all done.

Not all is lost for the government though. The Taxpayers’ Alliance has given criticism over what she has done with her benefits, as after all, it is the taxpayer’s money that she’s spending. The payments can be given to those in much more need, who’ll actually use them for life saving things, like getting more food and essentials.

Image isn’t just Andrea’s thing though, as apparently one of her daughters was having breast implants whilst she was meant to be at a probation meeting. Someone might want to help them out with their priorities.

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