This Vegan Mother Is Drinking The Semen Of Her Best Friend Every Morning To Stay Healthy

Image Source: YOUTUBE / Tracy Kiss

In order to avoid getting sick—for example, with a cold—vegan Tracy Kiss consumes semen in the morning. The woman, who is 29 years of age and from Buckinghamshire, is a single mother of two children.

It is the semen of her best friend that she regularly consumes, saying that doing so boosts her immunity.

According to the media, Tracy says she has been benefiting from consuming the spoonful of semen, describing herself as “full of beans”. Previously, she had felt a bit run down and did not have much energy, but now that she is “full of beans” the young woman’s mood has improved. Her energy levels have improved, too.

If you’re the squeamish sort, you might not want to read on further.

Image Source: YOUTUBE / Tracy Kiss

Tracy, who is a personal trainer, claims that her very good friend’s semen can actually taste good at times; it all depends on what he has eaten recently. Therefore, she is willing to drink the semen.

Her friend is a non-smoker who does not do drugs or have any sexually transmitted infections. He was chosen partially for those reasons.

Image Source: YOUTUBE / Tracy Kiss

According to her, Tracy’s friends do find her choice a bit strange, but she does not really care.

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If the semen donor has been drinking a little bit of alcohol (or as she put it, “a couple of pints”), Tracy will add an extra ingredient or two to the semen. For example, she will mix it with fruit or almond milk. Peppermint and pineapple also make it taste better. However, she is generally happy to consume it without additives.

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Asparagus, she says, makes the semen taste a bit pungent. That sort of makes sense; after all, it is a well-known fact that asparagus makes one’s urine smell. Not everyone can detect the odor it imparts, but science has proven that asparagus makes your pee stink.

Image Source: YOUTUBE / Tracy Kiss

Tracy has not been shy about her use of semen for other reasons. On a YouTube video she released, she admitted that she also uses her friend’s semen for a facial.

In the video, the woman admitted that her friend delivers his semen to her using plastic containers from a Chinese restaurant. She rubs it into her skin and then lets it sit there for up to roughly 20 minutes. Sometimes she only leaves it on for about five, and then Tracy wipes it off and washes her face with water.

Tracy added that a lot of people are “concerned” by the idea of rubbing semen on the face, but it is a healthy and natural thing to do.

One of the reasons she will rub the semen on her face is that she suffers from a skin condition called rosacea. The condition causes flushing and redness, and Tracy swears that the semen has improved the complexion of her skin in a noticeable way.

She described the semen as natural, active, and live—more so than anything else out there.
Tracy pointed out that she is in no way involved in the donation of the sperm, adding that the donation process is something that her friend would be doing daily regardless. However, as she points out, those in a relationship can look to their partner for assistance if interested in a semen facial.
In the video, Tracy can be seen wiping her fingers on her cheeks after dipping them into the “donation”. She describes the feeling as both “cooling” and “soothing”.

She actually compared it to having chewing gum in one’s mouth, saying that the semen is just “sucked into the skin”. In her words, it is “absolutely beautiful”. She also said it is like having oil on the face. It glides “beautifully” according to her.

A balanced diet makes semen smell better, she says; for squeamish sorts, however, she recommends burning incense.

Image Source: YOUTUBE / Tracy Kiss

The video we’ve described has been viewed hundreds of times.

The idea to use semen for a facial actually came up during a conversation with a beauty therapist. The topic came up, and then Tracy started doing research into the matter. She found that experts actually confirmed the benefits of using semen for facials. As she pointed out, semen does make babies, and babies do tend to have soft, beautiful skin.

While her facial regimen may seem unusual, her theory that semen is good for the skin has merit. For example, it does contain things like zinc, fructose, and potassium—which are good for the skin; however, they are not present in large amounts.

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