This waitress received a $3,000 tip!

Forget about the minimal 15% of the bill tip. This particular waitress received a tip almost 66 times larger than the whole bill!

An unnamed waitress, who’s residing in New York and working at the Times Square restaurant, has been serving tons of people on daily basis. One of her regular customers, however, showed exactly how much he appreciated her humility, kindness and services, when he left her a $3,000 tip. The man, who wanted to be identified simply as Mike, left the extremely generous tip on his $43.50 bill alongside a handwritten note on the backside of his receipt. He quickly explained what inspired him to do what he did. As it turned out, the waitress had received a nasty eviction notice the previous month, so Mike had decided to help her out. His note stated that one of his former high school teachers actually inspired him to do good and to help people.

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The teacher in question, Richard Specht, founded a website called shortly after his 2 year old son Rees drowned just before the infamous Hurricane Sandy struck the area in late 2012. Mr. Specht’s website is encouraging people to pay tribute to the late Rees by being kind and generous whenever they can. Mike was inspired by this story, so he tipped the unnamed waitress more than the minimum.

Specht was later contacted by the media for his opinion on the subject. He said that at first he couldn’t even grasp what had happened, but then he was overcome by the shock of it all. He couldn’t believe he had made such a difference for Mike, who he remembers as an 8th grader with whom he hasn’t spoken for a whole decade.

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