This Woman’s Skin Turned Silver After Using Nose Drops

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A 71 year old woman has been living with silver skin tone for the past 60 years. Her name is Rosemary Jacobs and this is her story.

Rosemary, who is from Vermont, US, was diagnosed with an extremely rare condition called argyria. Argyria turns the human skin blue-ish or gray-ish. However, Rosemary’s condition wasn’t discovered before it was too late.

At the age of 11 she was prescribed some nasal drops after her mother took her to a doctor in order to treat her running nose. The prescribed drops contained colloidal silver, which interfered with the woman’s condition. Over the following years her skin started slowly changing color, but nobody noticed, because the process was happening too slowly. At some point a nurse spotted her skin color and send her to get examined by dermatologist. The dermatologist took sample from her skin and send it for biopsy. The biopsy revealed that there are silver particles deep under her skin.

She had been using the medication for four years before realizing it changed her skin color. Unfortunately in the 1950s there was no cure except for stopping the drug which didn’t really help at all. The doctors told her there is nothing they can do about her skin color and sent her home.

Nowadays Rosemary’s skin is silver instead of having the natural pink-ish shade. She has tried numerous treatments, but none have helped.

The unfortunate woman has never had a romantic relationship in her life. Furthermore, she has been finding herself in hurtful and embarrassing situations because of her silver skin. In an interview she stated that one of the most hurtful situations was when while on a plane an airhostess gave her oxygen mask thinking that there is something wrong with her. At the moment she’s a retired Spanish teacher. Before landing that job she had been rejected multiple times, because of her condition.

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