Top 10 Photos Of The Weirdest Family Members Ever

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Families are such a huge topic to discuss that we would need a lot of time to cover every aspect. However, we decided to focus on one particular thing that most of you would relate to – the rather unusual family members. Whether we’re talking about a weird, annoying or a crazy person that is always up to something, we all have at least one such relative.

When you think about it, all of the weird features some of our family members may have are actually the things that make them stand out, and who wouldn’t want to have special people in the family; nobody likes ordinary folks, and the following list will give you examples of people who are everything but ordinary.

1. Your grandma now knows a thing or two about WWE

Image Source: Twitter

Well, mistakes do happen quite often, but this is more than just a mistake. This granny thought that she got a Jesus bracelet, but it turned out to be something even better, and we might even add that John Cena has a godly status for a lot of people, and the bracelet is really cool.

2. Sister feuds are a serious thing, apparently

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This is a bit extreme, to be honest. You might call it a passive-aggressive behavior, but it does not seem passive at all. No matter what the argument was, cutting your sister’s toothbrush seems to be an excessive act and the girl who did it might consider visiting an anger management group.

3. Someone needs to take this man’s credit card

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Everyone has a hobby, and some people collect weird things, but this is just ridiculous! Investing in something weird can sometimes be a good thing, since a lot of seemingly unattractive or useless items prove to have a significant increase in value over time. However, this was hardly the case here.

4. Can your grandpa do this?

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Senior people can be too cool for their age sometimes, and this man proves it! His amazing skills are insane, and we find it hard to believe that he is capable of something that most fit guys half his age would probably fail to perform. That’s one relative we would like to have.

5. This is what trust issues look like

Image Source: Twitter

Some family members really do have strange relations between them, and this example is probably one of the best to prove it. We understand that some mothers tend to be overprotective and like to keep their offspring on a short leash, but creating this document is just plain awkward; you can never control someone’s feelings or predict the future events.

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6. People need to reconsider doing such things and announcing them on social media

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It is safe to say that now you’ve seen everything! Throwing a party with cake and everything else just because one of your kids had her first period is definitely not a normal thing to do; it is actually kind of creepy, not to mention inappropriate. At least the girl seems happy, because she got a cake, and she is probably not too thrilled about the occasion.

7. The perfect way to troll your family

Image Source: Twitter

We’ve seen this being pulled off before, and it works like a charm each time! Many families like to keep a large number of photos on the walls or any other place suitable for displaying them; it seems that folks like to show how proud they are with everyone in the family. But as we can all see, these photos seem to turn into a part of the décor and nobody actually notices them.

8. Who doesn’t have a weird cousin?

Image Source: Twitter

While it is a weird thing to go swimming with a goat, we have to admit that both of them look extremely happy to be where they are. It is definitely not something you do every day, and maybe the cousin is not that weird after all.

9. Dad jokes are the thing that can destroy any family holiday

Image Source: Instagram

Dads can be hilarious sometimes, but in most cases things take a different turn- they become annoying and definitely not funny. This man decided to have some fun when he saw this statue, and you can see the result of his effort. We are not that impressed, really.

10. If your family likes The Office, they’re undeniably cool

Image Source: Twitter

Imagine coming home to find this! We cannot even imagine the joy of seeing that your parents decided to set up a birthday party for you with inspiration from The Office. It seems that these folks are the awesome mom and dad everyone would like.

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