Top 13 Perfect Examples Of Showing Some Attitude

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Showing some attitude once in a while is actually a good thing. People need to act sassy when they have a reason to, otherwise the world would probably be much more boring.

However, there are certain lines that nobody should cross. If you need to react to something, you better control your temper and respond accordingly. Sarcasm and a sense of humor are welcome, and they make every sassy reaction funny and even admirable. You can see examples of this below.

1. That moment when you realize clothes are mocking you

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Buying overpriced clothing from a luxury store is one thing, but when you see that the clothes have attitude, that is something else. Paying the high prices and accepting the salty jokes may actually prove to be too much for some people.

2. The joke turned out nice, but it is still rude

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We have to admit that we saw that coming, but it does not justify such a rude comment. This person could have picked up the joke in a more polite manner.

3. Here’s someone who deserve what they have been served

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Getting new clothes is usually done the old-fashioned way – you go to the store, you pay for the merchandise and you leave. If someone has the nerve to steal something and then ask on social media about how to remove the safety clamp, they should really be prepared to feel the burn, and one user absolutely nailed it.

4. One guy proved he knows a lot about women

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And we’re not talking about the style here, or the quality of the nails. Things are much more simple and when you think about it, this dude is absolutely right. How could anyone be able to do something with nails that long? It’s impossible.

5. That escalated quickly

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Having a certain attitude means that you are able to react immediately to something you see or hear. This is exactly the case here. We understand that there is a lot of sarcasm and humor involved here, but still the comment is pretty harsh.

6. If you ask an elderly person for an honest opinion, you’ll get it

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Old people could be absolute savages when they want to shut someone down. If you did something disrespectful or inappropriate, they would simply just give you the proper treatment you deserve without any hesitation.

7. Bad jokes happen why too often

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Why would anyone decide to play dead on Google Street View? We get that it was supposed to be a prank, but it’s a rather bad one, because nobody probably laughed even when it was revealed. However, one user came up with the best comment possible and captioned the whole thing with style and attitude.

8. It seems that clothing labels have a lot to say

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This seems to be turning into a trend, and a rather savage one, too. The hilarious and very sarcastic decision to put that extra information on the label is admirable, and it probably brought a lot of smiles to those who actually saw it.

9. Never play games on someone who has a lot of experience

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Having attitude would probably always guarantee you that you have the last laugh in every situation. These dudes thought that they could easily have some fun while their granddad was asleep, but they probably did not expect for their plan to turn against them. Grandpa obviously still has the right attitude.

10. This is both sassy and wrong

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Here is a product that nobody actually needs. It may seem like fun, but when you think about it, playing this kind of darts would mean that you continue to dig deeper in your sadness and relive your bad life choices, and nobody needs that.

11. People would do anything for attention these days

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A kind of attitude that’s a bit disturbing sometimes is popular among the new generation – they would literally do anything to get some attention on social media. If that means doing something pointless or stupid, they would still do it. It’s not funny and it does not make any sense, but it’s still a fact.

12. As we already mentioned, you should not mess with people who have a bigger experience than yours

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This is the type of attitude we like to see. The prank was not that clever, and the mother detected it right away, sending the perfect reply to completely shut down her kid.

13. Being savage never gets old

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This girl found the best thing to put down below her yearbook photo. The savage and funny caption speaks of her great sense of humor and we have sympathy for her already.

Written by Nick Martin

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