Top 13 Spookiest Graveyards in Illinois

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There are plenty of places in the United States for lovers of the paranormal to visit. For example, the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, PA is well known for being haunted. The first place in the US to institute solitary confinement, it has allegedly been visited by ghosts of deceased inmates ever since it closed close to a half-century ago.

There are other locations in the United States, such as New Orleans, LA and Fall Rivers, MA, known for hauntings. Salem, MA is also believed to be haunted as a result of the 19 people put to death in the late 1600’s due to the community’s puritanical beliefs.

And then there is the state of Illinois, which is apparently an attractive location for spirits looking to enjoy their afterlives.

Illinois, for whatever reason, is known by fans of the paranormal as a state with an unusual number of haunted cemeteries. Stories of encounters with ghosts are popular with many residents of Illinois, not to mention visitors to the state. Here are 13 of the spookiest places—many of which can be visited—in The Prairie State.

1. Alton Cemetery

The town of Alton is considered by many to be one of the most haunted small towns in America. Several locations in the town have been featured on the ScyFy Channel as well as the Travel Channel. In the town, there’s a cemetery known as Alton Cemetery. Rumor has it that Alton Cemetery is haunted by several ghosts, and it is possible to take a tour of said haunted resting place and see an empty crypt. One of the ghosts frequently seen is named Lucy Haskell, and she was only nine at the time of her death.

A playful and curious ghost, in general she is seen only by children. Another ghost is reported to be an abolitionist named Elijah P. Lovejoy. He was supposedly killed by a shotgun blast in 1837 during a pro-slavery riot as a result of his abolitionist views. He is, according to visitors to the cemetery, known to manifest as cold spots, as ghosts often do. These spots can appear in the middle of the summer, but they dissipate as quickly as they manifest. In addition to being an abolitionist, Lovejoy was known to be a minister as well as a publisher of a religious newspaper called The Saint Louis Observer.

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2. Mount Olivet Cemetery

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Illinois residents in the vicinity of Aurora are aware of Mount Olivet Cemetery, which was established in the 1850’s. For whatever reason, the ghosts that haunt Mount Olivet are known to wear clothing that appears to be of the sort worn in the 1950’s. While these ghosts frequently appear throughout the cemetery, they typically vanish before visitors can get a second look at them. Mists on nearby Ashland Avenue have also been reported by visitors. One visitor reported seeing an older couple looking at a grave bearing their picture, meaning that ghosts could have been looking at their own grave.

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3. Saint Omer Cemetery

Saint Omer Cemetery is an interesting place, well known by people from Illinois—as well as fans of the paranormal—for being the site of a grave of an alleged witch. The sphere atop the accused witch’s tombstone is said to be a crystal ball, one that is said to glow on moonlit nights. While in her 20’s, Caroline Barnes was—according to legend—hanged for witchcraft, although it is just as possible she died of pneumonia or another mundane illness. Whatever the case, her death occurred in 1881. Before she died, Caroline supposedly told people in her town that she’d get revenge on them by coming back on the anniversary of her death.

A superstitious group, the town residents decided to inscribe her gravestone with the date February 31, which is a date on the calendar that does not exist, as a preventative measure. Visitors to the location have reported feeling cool on extremely hot summer days and seeing shadows. Legend has it that Caroline will follow you home unless you leave money as a peace offering to the aforementioned deceased practitioner of the occult. That said, there was little-to-no proof that Caroline ever dabbled in the dark arts, and she shares her grave with her husband and his parents. These days, the former town of Saint Omer, defunct for over 100 years, consists of nothing but the cemetery, a few grass fields, and old fence posts.

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