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Top 15 Awkward And Funny Pics That Will Definitely Make You Laugh All Day

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes a certain photo is more than just weird! Some images have the power to make you feel in a certain way and you cannot explain how that happens. There is a certain influence that you feel immediately after you see the photo. For example, an image can annoy you or make you feel sorry for someone. Of course, this also means that a photo can make you wonder how someone could behave in a certain way! Being outraged is not a good thing, which is why you need to transform this energy and simply accept such photos as amusing.

1. Some gym members have no idea why they joined in the first place

Image Source: Dump A Day

Most people go to the gym because they actually want to be fit and healthy. We all know that it takes a lot of time and also a lot of hard work, too! However, it seems that certain individuals have no idea why they stepped inside the gym! You know exactly what we mean, because if you visit a gym regularly, you have seen at least one person who joined for all the wrong reasons. These individuals waste time and space and do all kinds of things except exercising! Taking a dozen selfies or reading something is not the right thing to do while at the gym.

2. We all have at least one annoying colleague

Image Source: Dump A Day

If you work in a big company or you are a part of a large team, chances are that there is at least one person around you who constantly acts like the smartest person or the biggest joker alive. These individuals can be funny in some cases, but more often all they do is annoy the others. The person pictured above probably thinks that he is funny for constantly repeating the same thing over and over again, but we guess that it is not such a cool joke.

3. This photo sparks a few questions for sure

Image Source: Dump A Day

Well, as much as we hate to admit it, this person’s spray tan is totally ruined! We guess that she did not realize that tears could affect her freshly sprayed tan. Some lessons are learned best the hard way! However, there is something much more important here. Why did she and her boyfriend fight so much that she cries? Who would date a man that can make a woman cry so much? Someone needs to reconsider their life choices for sure.

4. This is one really weird accident

Image Source: The Chive

Everyone makes a mess in their home every now and then. This is something inevitable and no matter how hard we try, we cannot help it! However, being clumsy sometimes leads to a very unlikely result! A you can see, someone knocked this gold fish aquarium, but it neither burst into piece nor the water was spilled. The gold fish is perfectly fine, too. We guess that the actual mess will be made when someone attempts to lift that fishbowl.

5. Here is one really weird beach accessory

Image Source: Pleated Jeans

Many people spend a lot of time prepping for a day at the beach. Instead of just throwing a swimsuit on and get some drinks, they make long lists with the items they would need. Of course, most items remain unused, but that’s another story. One of the main things that people care about is the variety of accessories, such as hats, sunglasses and many others. What you see in the photo above is probably going to become a hit, too, despite how ridiculous it is. What bothers us the most is that this accessory would definitely cause some funny tan lines for sure!

6. This is why marketers exist

Image Source: Dump A Day

People often think that marketing experts are people with high salaries and little to no work to do. We beg to differ, because their job is actually on of the most important thing regarding any product or service. If you choose to not use the services of a marketing company before launching something on the market, you would probably make a huge mistake! As the photo above suggests, the manufacturer of this margarine brand came up with the most ridiculous name for a substitute product!

7. A positive mindset is always dependent on the point of view

Image Source: Pleated Jeans

Being positive in a mostly negative environment is no easy task. It takes a lot of willpower and motivation in order to stay positive in most of the time. As you can see, someone tried to bring up the positive side in everyone by installing this board. It was supposed to lift the spirits of everyone who saw it. However, not everyone got the right idea, because every individual has their own idea about what it means to be positive.

8. A marriage proposal has some rules to it

test ad
Image Source: Pleated Jeans

If your relationship is going in the right direction, the time for a marriage proposal would surely come! Soon or later you will turn out to be in one of the two roles – the one who proposes or the other who accepts. This is a memorable time and it needs to be a perfect moment in order for the couple to cherish it forever. Well, in some cases it is obviously the complete opposite! As you can see, this proposal was made in the least romantic atmosphere we have seen in a long time!

9. Sometimes people act weird without an actual reason

Image Source: The Chive

We guess that some people are able to seek attention in the most bizarre ways. Social media platforms made it easier and definitely more tempting to share things that other people don’t really want or need to know. This example here shows exactly what we mean. This girl suggested that she was battling with depression and probably wanted to draw some support. However, her effort resulted in the comment you see below her post. This person literally shut her down.

10. This is the opposite of luck

Image Source: Dump A Day

Sometimes you just need to admit that things are not working out good for you and just call it a day. We all have experienced moments like these, because you cannot escape from them, no matter what you do! The photo above shows how someone realized that their luck immediately left them and was replaced with regret. The whole situation sounds absurd and we would never want to be in a similar situation.

11. Creepy toys are apparently a thing

Image Source: The Chive

As much as we love teddy bears, we need to admit that we don’t even want to see this one in person! It is definitely the creepiest teddy bear we have ever seen! Maybe it was created by mistake, because nobody would design such a toy deliberately! Mass production suffers from such errors, but the curious thing is that they offered it for sale! This means that it might be a separate product designed without a face. This idea is definitely a huge no-no!

12. Someone was definitely in trouble here

Image Source: Reddit

Public bathrooms can be a real nightmare to use. Whether they are crowded or dirty, you would need to make some kind of compromise every now and then! However, even if it seems that the facility is perfectly good to use, you would still need to be careful, or you might end up in a disastrous situation. The photo shows such a situation. It actually made s cringe, because we realized that we could also end up in the exact same circumstance. We hope that whoever took the photo helped that person.

13. Online shopping has its downsides

Image Source: Reddit

We can repeat it a thousand times and people would still fail to understand that online shopping for item in China is not the best tactic to use. You will likely end up with an item that has nothing to do with the one ordered initially. The reasons for this may vary, but sometimes it is the buyer’s fault. Every customer needs to keep their eyes open in order to avoid situations like the one in the photo. Just take a look at the test on this child’s dress!

14. Some people do not deserve any kind of gratitude

Image Source: Reddit

Do you recall finding an item of a certain value to someone else and returning it to them? Most people have experienced this and the right thing to do is to find the item’s owner, of course. However, declaring that you found it and wanting to get paid about it is not the right attitude for sure! In this case the person who found the phone wants ransom for it, not a reward. The reward is usually given, instead of demanded.

15. This is not what you call good luck

Image Source: Reddit

It is always painful to watch when the result of your work goes to waste in seconds! This woman probably felt bad after seeing how a tiny spider crawled on her nail after she just finished putting nail polish on them. It is a painstaking task and it probably took her a lot of time to do them, but now she needs to do at least one of her fingernails again.

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