Top 13 Near Misses That Are Borderline Impossible

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Small incidents happen every day and we tend to neglect them, because they cause little to no damage, and we almost immediately forget about them; however, on other occasions we realize that we just missed something far worse, and we remember these situations for a longer time. Such narrow misses are a thing worth capturing on a photo to share with everyone else.

The following list contains fifteen of the most unbelievable near misses that will probably make you look at them at least twice.

1. Text messages do not get any better than this

Image Source: Reddit

Talking about near misses, the greatest thing you could probably lose is your life. This person here was apparently on the edge and even a tiny step beyond, but the image says it all and the bad moments were obviously left in the past.

2. This would probably never happen again anywhere

Image Source: The Chive

This is what luck looks like. Not only that the tiny aquarium survived, but most of the water and the fish are still inside, and everything looks almost as if nothing happened at all.

3. This huge rock could have easily crushed any vehicle

Image Source: DumpaDay

Even the biggest SUV has zero chances against this boulder. It was surely a near miss, because it landed right in the middle of the lane. Imagine seeing this thing falling in front of your car – it would be a sight you would never forget.

4. This one is unbelievable

Image Source: DumpaDay

Here is one more reason to never go out during a hurricane storm. This plank managed to pierce the tree, driven by the force of the hurricane. Now imagine if this was a human instead of a tree. The might of these storms is horrifying.

5. Going off-road could turn out to be very dangerous

Image Source: Reddit

If you think that you’re invincible in your big SUV, you’re very wrong; just take a look here. This person was a few inches away from a horrible injury or even death, when this piece of wood pierced through the Jeep in the most bizarre way.

6. Here’s one lucky car owner

Image Source: Mlem

This is probably the nearest possible miss considering the circumstances. The huge tree branch is maybe less than an inch away from the paint. It was definitely worth taking a few pictures.

7. This doesn’t happen every day

Image Source: Postize

The people in the car were probably not seriously injured, but it could have been a lot worse if the car was speeding just a bit more prior to the collision. The road barricades are put there for a reason and this one definitely did a good job.

8. This is what you call a near miss

Image Source: Postize

The darts arrow missed this person’s toe by just fractions of an inch, and we all know how much pain that would have caused. But, when you think about it, it could be a mock-up; after all, there’s no video of the actual event.

9. Sometimes smartphones seem to have unexpected features

Image Source: Reddit

Nobody probably thought that a smartphone could prevent someone from cutting a limb with a chainsaw, but this was exactly what happened with the owner of this device. It’s a one of a kind event and the smartphone deserves some credit for its rigid construction.

10. Money can literally save your life, apparently

Image Source: Reddit

The story behind these coins is that they saved their owner’s life. He was a WWI soldier who got hit by a German bullet, but the coins took the actual hit. It sounds like a fairytale, but it might be true.

11. Daddy is the best

Image Source: Postize

We need to say a big “Thanks” to this man’s forearm. Thanks to his reaction everything went fine.

12. This guy is going home really happy

Image Source: Postize

We can bet that this guy is the happiest man in the whole world now.

13. How is this even possible?

Image Source: Postize

We are not too sure how is this even possible, but this is a lucky one.

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