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Top 17 Clever Designs That We Need Right Now

Image Source: Reddit

People are amazing and we are constantly impressed by the different things they are capable of! One of the best ways an individual could express their greatness and even their genius is by creating something that nobody was able to come up before. It can be a new gadget or a way of doing a certain task, but it may also be a tweak in the design of an everyday object! Whenever we see such a thing, we are more than pleased, which is why compiled the list below. It is full of genius designs that need to be appreciated.

1. Here is something incredibly simple

Image Source: Reddit

You have probably heard the old saying that often the most genius things are also the simplest ones! We believe that this is the truth and photos like this prove it! It might not look like much, but when you have ten different pieces of clothing with you, it is hard to remember which ones you decided to buy. Separating them by hanging them on these hangers would definitely solve that problem. Every store needs these.

2. This is a nice touch

Image Source: Reddit

Nobody would expect a pleasant surprise when buying gum but someone apparently did! As you can see, someone took a photo of a package of gum they bought off the streets of Hong Kong. What is special about this is the clever addition to the package that the manufacturer thought of. There is paper inside meant to be used to wrap the gum you used before throwing it away!

3. We love this idea

Image Source: Imgur

We would definitely try and do our best for this idea to be implemented in every possible store, because it is amazing! As you can see, there are two stacks of shopping baskets. The difference between them is the label. You can actually choose the option to get a shopping basket that will guarantee you that no shop consultant would approach you! This is perfect and we would choose that one every time!

4. This is actually a feature in some bars and diners

Image Source: Brightside

Here is another thing that we thing should be featured absolutely everywhere! It is really handy and will guarantee that no time is wasted. It is a simple gadget that acts like a remote control device! You are able to signal the staff of the café or the diner you are currently in that you want to have the bill or that you need something else. You may also call he waiter to clean the table. This is awesome!

5. Now this is one really great idea

Image Source: Imgur

There are many ways in which old items can be recycled but we guess that reusing them after they are recycled is the best kind of process. This image shows how this is done. The iconic telephone booths in London can all be reworked and made into this – a public defibrillator! Imagine how cool that is! It allows people on the street to have instant access to a life-saving device and if someone happened to collapse on the street, this would be the difference between life and death.

6. Here is a modern way to leave a tip

Image Source: Reddit

The brilliant design of this device and the idea behind it are something really cool! There are a number of reasons for that and the main one is more than obvious. We tend to use cash less and less in our daily lives, making it impossible for people to leave a tip even if they wanted to! In other cases customers simply do not have change or small bills to leave a tip and this DipJar would come in handy.

7. This is a super cool addition to any bathroom

Image Source: Reddit

People need to take care of animals in every possible way, regardless if we are talking about domestic ones or wildlife species. Of course, pets are the animals that people care for the most, but in some cases it is hard to respond to the pet’s needs. This happens during international travels. The pet us usually stressed and there is often nowhere to go for relief. This is about to change when all airports introduce such facilities!

8. This is the best example of product design we have seen in a while

Image Source: Reddit

It is not about the flashy pictures and colors on the front, but the info on the back of the package that got our attention! This simple toothpaste tube is awesome because it lists all its ingredients in a chart which also provides information about the effect of every ingredient and also its origin! We wonder why this isn’t regulated by a law! Every product should be like this!

9. Here is a neat shopping cart feature

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

We believe that the thing you see in the photo above would be adored by most shoppers! It is a calculator built in the shopping cart! This clever little addition lets shoppers keep track on the amount of money they are about to spend on the groceries they already put inside. We like this because you can pull out the shopping list and push the cart around without having to use the calculator in your smartphone.

10. This is a smart move

Image Source: Reddit

Unfortunately for some people, they are fighting conditions which require permanent care. People who were treated at this Alzheimer’s ward probably kept getting out on their own and that means they were immediately lost. The management solved the problem by painting the exit door with this mural. Everyone believed it was a bookshelf and nobody used the exit on their own.

11. The heat can be unbearable for dogs

Image Source: Reddit

Pet owners know what it feels like when they are out under the scorching heat with their pets longer than they were supposed to. Pets need water just like we do; otherwise the high temperatures can cause critical situations. Fortunately for strays and pets, someone thought about this public device which lets animals have a sip of water.

12. Foot-operated elevator buttons are a cool thing

Image Source: Reddit

We strongly believe in the statement we mention in the beginning of this text. All genius solutions to a problem are simple! As you can see, someone came up with the idea to use large buttons in the elevator so people can operate them with their feet. This is perfect in the times when you get in the elevator and your hands are full of groceries of other stuff.

13. Here is another interesting elevator option

Image Source: Imgur

When using an elevator, the most important thing for everyone to do is to follow the safety instructions and requirements! This is essential because a potential malfunction could end in disaster. One of the main things people should do is to not overload the elevator. In order to prevent that, the company which designed this elevator added a system that calculates the load and displays it via this indicator!

14. A simple idea like this would save a lot of hustle

Image Source: Reddit

You can probably relate to the annoying time you step inside the garage, the basement or the ceiling and try to find the light switch. This could go on for a couple of minutes and it is always frustrating to experience that. As you can see, the simple solution is installing an illuminated switch instead of a regular one! It glows when the switch is on ‘off’ position. Problem solved!

15. This is a shopping cart from the future

Image Source: Reddit

Well, as they say, the future is now, so is this cart! It actually has a built-in GPS system and a map of the whole store! Some department stores are impressively large and it is definitely worth having a gadget like that. It would save time, effort and frustration for sure! Sure enough, it would be more expensive that a regular cart but stores should invest in the better shopping experience of their customers.

16. Here is how safety measures can be witty and cool

Image Source: Reddit

Road safety is a top priority for every municipality and this is why everything about traffic needs to be organized perfectly. As you can see, someone came up with the best possible warning sign! They put it up above the road just a few meters in front of a bridge. The sign is positioned at the same height as the bridge meaning that if a truck touches it, it would also crash into the bridge or get stuck under it!

17. This is how these things are supposed to be organized

Image Source: Imgur

If you ever needed to assemble a piece of furniture, then you are perfectly aware of how big of a pain that might be! Despite having an instruction manual, in most cases you still need to sort out all the tiny bolts and nuts before you can carry on following the steps in that manual. The idea suggested above is much more simple!

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