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Top 19 Of The Best Interpretations Of The ‘Woman Yelling At A Cat’ Funny Image

Image Source: The Tab

The funny image with the woman pointing and shouting at a rather confused-looking cat took over the entire Internet by storm! The image features Smudge the Cat and Taylor Armstrong from a TV series named The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It can be seen literally everywhere and the scenarios used to create a dialogue are hilarious! We compiled a list of some the wittiest and funniest ones, and they would make anyone laugh out loud! The list is the best way for one to spend 15 amusing minutes.

1. The gym situation

Image Source: Ebaumsworld

Chances are that many people have been in such a situation, regardless on which side! It is quite confusing sometimes to do things as simple as the one described in the funny image. While a person could just stare at one point with a blank expression, others would most often find it hard to realize it and accept that stare as a rude violation of their privacy. People sometimes stare for real, but in most cases things are much simpler.

2. The early Christmas celebrations

Image Source: Ebaumsworld

Here is something that you could probably find relatable. You are either the person who pulls out the Christmas decorations as soon as November comes, or you are among those who don’t even bother doing it until the 25th of December comes. Naturally, those who act like it is already Christmas in November are irritated by the other group.

3. The important advice on eating

Image Source: Ebaumsworld

This is one of the many reasons why kids should listen to their mothers! Of course, you could make a toddler listen to you only if you can grab their attention, which is almost impossible. The funny image you see here implies what happens when a toddler fails to take advice from mom. This is not a joke, as choking could lead to disaster fast.

4. The office ban on funny images

Image Source: Ebaumsworld

You are probably familiar with the ‘NSFW’ term, right? It stands for ‘not safe for work’ and it is used for content which might be considered inappropriate to see at the office. In this case, the funny combination of image we decided to discuss today portrays how a ban on such content is accepted by most employees. You could probably relate to this one as well.

5. The reaction

Image Source: KYM

Well, trying to please your mom could sometimes be harder than expected, but there are many cases when mothers are easygoing, but it is their kids’ attitude that drives them crazy! It seems that some children are not willing to do anything around the house, and you can bet that no mother could tolerate that for too long. Even after a series of conversations involving shouting, most kids would not be that impressed and continue with the same attitude.

6. The secret

Image Source: KYM

Now this is one is simply too funny! Of course, we are perfectly aware that no cat could speak, and that means this funny image makes no sense! However, we beg to differ, as most cat people would find this to be even funnier than it is! Since we are cat people ourselves, we appreciate the quality humor, and we believe most people would, too!

7. The frustrated student

Image Source: KYM

If you can easily recall the times you were a student, you definitely remember a lot of the things which were typical for every school. Well, they probably still are! One of these things is presented here, and it happened much too often! The good kids who paid attention and did what they were supposed to were often scolded or punished alongside those who caused problems, and there was nothing that could be done about it.

8. The vape pen

Image Source: The Tab

Now this is one of these moments when we need to specify that what is suggested here is only a personal opinion, but most of you would definitely find it funny! Vape pens are many people’s choice nowadays and they consider them to be a much healthier choice. There is no unpleasant smoke as well, which makes using them in public places a must. However, some individuals think that people who use them have an attitude that is not worthy of respect, to say the least.

9. The alien

Image Source: The Tab

Here is one supposed situation that we guess could be funny. Imagine that some kid really joined the Area 51 raid and happened to bring back an alien home! Their mom would likely react differently than suggested here, but we still love the humor involved here! We guess the cat looks cool in green, too, but whatever you do, you should never attempt to dye your cat’s hair!

10. The Star Wars interpretation

Image Source: The Tab

Well, there is no doubt that if a Star Wars fan happens to see this, they would fall in love! In fact, we are not the biggest fans of the saga, but we still laughed when we saw this! Some witty person saw an opportunity to shine, and they stepped into action! The end result is actually quite nice, and we believe it just might be one of the best ones on the list!

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11. The one that actually has a point

Image Source: The Tab

Maybe you would like to see a version of this funny image that is a realistic one? If you feel that way, you are in luck! As you can see, someone added the best possible caption. When you think about it, there is no better way to caption these two photos! If you assume that they represent a real situation, this would be the best way for it to be explained! This is what makes it funny!

12. The dog conversations

Image Source: The Tab

If you happen to be a dog person, you would surely understand what this funny image is all about! While dogs are most often friendly and outgoing, they are sometimes met by a completely different attitude! If your dog tries to play with another canine on the street, there is a good chance that the unknown dog might not respond at all, or worse, it could respond in a hostile manner. This is kind of strange, because we have always assumed that dogs could communicate between each other for real.

13. The siblings

Image Source: KYM

Siblings are a blessing to have, but there is a catch. More than often, the relationship between siblings are far too complicated to be easily explained. As you can see, this example covers one of the most probable scenarios possible. Younger siblings often tend to blame older ones for this and that, but it sometimes turns out that things are exaggerated and blaming the older sibling was just a clever strategy and manipulation.

14. The spelling argument

Image Source: Ebaumsworld

We really laughed a lot the second we saw this funny image! We mean, how could one restrain themselves from laughing when this is just too funny! Someone obviously decided that this sign was a good idea, but it is rather confusing to see. Sure enough, most people would be able to read what it says, but we guess that the cat has a point in this case, and the whole thing is just hilarious.

15. The decision

Image Source: The Tab

People use to say that if one does something on their own and regret it later, they have only themselves to blame. We think that this is accurate, and the funny image you see is the best proof! We all have had times when we regret this and that. This is especially true when it comes to a fun night out! Having one drink too many might sound like fun, but we always make a choice and that choice often results in what the image here suggests. We guess the funny image and the caption go hand in hand in this case!

16. The Accord

Image Source: MySA

Well, one thing is for sure here: all Honda fans could be delighted to see this one! Of course, the word is taken out of the context, but it still makes sense and it is super funny to see! We believe that everyone would agree that nobody in the Bible suspected what a car was, but the word Accord sparked a joke that turned out to be a really funny one!

17. The manager

Image Source: KYM

It was about time for the classic ‘Karen speaks to the manager’ joke! We are certain that the ‘woman yelling at a cat’ funny image goes together with the above-mentioned one like peanut butter and jelly, and you can see it for yourself here! This is definitely one of the best possible interpretations of the image and we love it! It perfectly represents how a meeting between an angry customer and a manager would most likely go by! Managers are often not impressed with a client’s demand, because such demands are often just too crazy to be taken into account, meaning that the customer is not always right!

18. Bliss or Bus

Image Source: Instagram

Well, we guess it is a good point and our favourite cat might be right this time!

19. No Smoking

Image Source: Instagram

Our hero cat got a point this time. This is why you should be very careful when writing signs.

Written by Sven Miller

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