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Top 17 Tweets Revealing Awesome Parenting Hacks

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The majority of people who still don’t have kids think that parenting is not that hard, but they couldn’t be more wrong! Parents have the toughest and most responsible job, and while it seems like fun and games in certain moments, it takes a lot of hard work, quick thinking, important decisions and sacrifices.

As you can imagine, parenting involves a lot of improvising as well, especially if there was nobody to show you how things need to be done. This means that every parent would probably appreciate some new ideas, hacks or tips which would help parenting become a tad easier, and we hope that the following list will help with that.

Enjoy these tweets and you may actually learn something useful.

1. You need to be enthusiastic about basic things

Image Source: Twitter

We may need to explain this one. By giving an extraordinary image to something ordinary, you will be able to teach your kids to be grateful even for the most common things they get, and that is a good thing, because they will not grow up to be spoiled brats. By keeping the expectations low you can guarantee yourself that your children will not be picky and will be happy with just about anything.

2. Keep reminding the important things

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Kids are different, and their ability to learn the house rules or how to do certain chores is also different; some may learn immediately, while others can really drive you insane and make you believe that they are doing the opposite of what they are supposed to on purpose. However, the trick is not to surrender to your emotions and to make continuous efforts over a sustained period of time, and even turn the process into a fun game; this will surely make your kids learn.

3. This mom knows her game

Image Source: Twitter

Maybe this is the simple trick you need to introduce in your home in order to make your kids eat their veggies. Most parents would force their offspring to eat vegetables every day, but that is definitely not the best way to make them do it. What you need to do is mildly introduce greens as a part of dinner without pushing it.

4. Manipulating the kids is a must

Imega Source: Twitter

Your kids are not that stupid and they can easily manipulate you in order to get something they want. This can resemble blackmail in certain cases, and the little ones can be like true terrorists, but most of us know that. What you need to do is use your knowledge as an advantage and play a little trick on them yourself.

5. We wish that we knew this one earlier

Image Source: Twitter

All those science fair projects are really annoying to store, because they just keep piling up, and in some cases they are nothing but junk, but you cannot just throw them away, because they mean a lot to your offspring. However, a little chat with the teacher and probably a little tip could do the trick and your problem will be solved.

6. Scolding your kids may never be the same

Image Source: Twitter

We must admit that this seemed a rather strange idea at one point, but then we had a second thought; it is actually a nice solution! Naughty kids that often need some extra discipline taught, and this is no easy task, but the tension could be significantly downsized by the pirate talk method, and even make the process funnier.

7. This one works like a charm

Image Source: Twitter

This trick must be one of the easiest there are in the whole book of parenting tips! It is so simple that we guess everyone would probably discover it soon or later, but it is better to learn it sooner, of course, because it will save you a lot of frustration and hard times. If your kids has a screaming episode and there is no particular reason, simply give the little troublemaker the first random object near you.

8. This may sound a bit cruel, but it works

Image Source: Twitter

A lot of kids are very picky when it comes to food, and that could be a problem, because sometimes you would be close to giving up on preparing them that one meal that they would actually eat. However, chances are that you will find this meal, and instead of trying to find a few more, just stick to that one and prepare it for lunch every single day. This way you will know that the child will eat it.

9. Being a parent means you are constantly short of time

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Image Source: Twitter

We actually laughed at this tweet, but we also felt sorry for this woman, because she was able to make a really clever joke about the sad reality that moms sometimes have little to no time left for themselves or even for basic chores like grocery shopping, and even if they have the time to go to the store, they lack the energy or the will to get up and go.

10. We bet you never thought about this

Image Source: Twitter

Looking at this dad makes us want to give him a prize or something else for his brilliant thinking and also for sharing this tip with the rest of us. The dude needs to have all the credit he could get, because his idea can save a lot of people from losing valuable time wasted in efforts to end the annoying sibling fights on the back seat, which are surely a common problem.

11. Showing some attitude will put everything and everyone in their places

Image Source: Twitter

As long as you are not too harsh, you can easily make things work by demonstrating some ice cold attitude, which can be fake or with a good reason. The effect would be almost immediate, and you will see the things that seemed hard on a normal day will just sort themselves out, and nobody would like to be in your way.

12. This one could really save you some time

Image Source: Twitter

Your kid would often request your presence when it is game time, but the little troublemaker is not aware of the tons of chores you need to get done, and this almost certainly leads to a problem – dealing with your crying kid or wasting time in games. The solution is simple; you just need to pretend that you are not good at playing with toys, and you will be free pretty soon.

13. This mom will make you step up the cleaning game

Image Source: Twitter

Nobody would hesitate to try this, because it is borderline genius! Making a mess is guaranteed when your kid eats ice cream, and if you are out, chances are you don’t have a second set of clothes with you, and that leads to frustration and arguments. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by putting a raincoat on you kid, because everything would wipe right off it, and the other moms would really envy you for your creativity.

14. We are not sure how we feel about this one

Image Source: Twitter

Using your baby for a portable table does not sound good at all, but when you think about it, it’s not that baba, either, but you need to put light things like pop-tarts, for example, because it would look more than inappropriate. Knowing that moms have almost no time to enjoy anything, we need to accept this as something normal, and the baby would never know what actually happened, which is the best part of the whole stunt. The least a hardworking mother deserves is to have a pop-tart, even if it means that she will have it while nursing her baby.

15. Clever thinking will get any job done

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes all the effort you need to put in something can be replaced with a bit of clever thinking; after all, you are dealing with a kid, and no matter how smart they are, they could always be outsmarted. This mom literally made our day with the absolutely brilliant way she handled her daughter’s anger, and she was able to use that emotion to do a house chore! This is like hitting two birds with one stone, and we like this kind ot win-win situations a lot!

16. This mom just saved you a lot of cash

Image Source: Twitter

When you first read this, it may sound gross or inappropriate, but you need to think about it for a while. Puppies and babies may actually have more in common than you might think, and one of the things they all go through is teeth growth, which needs to be aided in order to relief the discomfort and the pain. Sure, there are a lot of items you could buy for the baby, but they are heavily overpriced in most cases, but essentially they are the same things as the products for puppies, which means that you can save a lot of cash and still provide your child what is necessary.

17. You can still have rules, but you can avoid the responsibility

Image Source: Twitter

When you forbid certain things around the house, your kids might do the opposite only the annoy you, knowing that they broke a rule you set yourself. However, there is a clever solution and the key is to present the rules as if they were some kind of universal laws and you had nothing to do with making them. The tweet you see here is the best example of how to do that, but the pattern can be used for numerous other rules, too. We absolutely love the simplicity of this one and we are sure that it will be effective.

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