Top 28 Of The Best Things You Can Find On Google Earth

Technology becomes more and more advanced, and we have really changed our lives in the past couple of decades because of that. We need to be more conscious about it, becase social media may eventually consume our lives, but let us now focus on the important and positive aspects of technology. It made our lives easier and fuller in a number of different ways, and thanks to many innovations the world is smaller than ever. Google Earth is definitely one of the main contributing factors for that! The things you are able to find here are amazing!

1. This is a controlled sugarcane field fire

Image Source: Imgur

It looks massive and it is! But it is also the only way to remove the leftover organic material after harvesting is over.

2. This is one Milwaukee marina

Image Source: Imgur

The way that the ice began to melt follows a pattern, and it resembles a form of art

3. Pearl Harbor

Image Source: Imgur

This image shows the USS Arizona wreck and the memorial built above it.

4. This is a volcano located in Russia

Image Source: Imgur

It is in the Kamchatka Peninsula and it is probably the most symmetric volcano we have ever seen.

5. This Alaskan landscape is mesmerizing

Image Source: Imgur

We love the way how the glaciers were able to spread across this flat area. It looks like a mountain!

6. Here is one Tanzanian volcano

Image Source: Imgur

The natural structure is really tall and this allowed for an independent micro climate to thrive in there!

7. Here is a curious image

Image Source: Imgur

The photo collage you see reveals the differene between a high and a low tide!

8. This is another Alaskan landscape

Image Source: Imgur

These alpine glaciers created a stunningly beautiful pattern that looks like digital art.

9. This is a Dutch gun emplacement

Image Source: Imgur

The facility was supposed to be used for protection of Amsterdam and still exists today.

10. This Canadian lake is actually formed by a couple of craters

Image Source: Imgur

There is some evidence that they were formed individually and have 200 million years between them.

11. This image is from The Netherlands

Image Source: Imgur

It shows the structure and premises of a fort and we think that it is amazing to see!

12. Here is an image from the Tombigbee River in Alabama

Image Source: Imgur

You can see how a push boat makes its way with some barges that were able to stir the bottom.

13. This is the delta of the William River

Image Source: Imgur

The way the river merges with Lake Athabasca is amazing and we have never seen something like this before.

14. Here is Great Rift Valley volcano

Image Source: Imgur

This is another example of a volcano with its own micro climate. Look at all the green!

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15. These fields in Texas look surreal

Image Source: Imgur

We really like how a pattern was formed here by all the irrigated fields. Each white dot is an oil pad.

16. This Brazlilian delta is amazing

Image Source: Imgur

We relly like the way nature was able to create something this beautiful.

17. This image is in Iran

Image Source: Imgur

It shows an anticline featuring many alluvial fans on of of its sides. It is a rare thing to see!

18. This is the probable loaction of the German battleship Tirpitz

Image Source: Imgur

It was about the same size and power as the Bismarck and it was bombed by the Brits in 1944.

19. Here is part of the landscape in Ontario

Image Source: Imgur

The image shows nothing in particular but it features some amazing colors and texture of the land.

20. Fort Morgan

Image Source: Imgur

It is a coastal fort meant to destroy menacing ships and it was preserved in great condition.

21. These craters remain from the WWII D-Day

Image Source: Imgur

The image shows part of the Normandy coast where one of the most important events of WWII took place.

22. Here is something curious outside Douglas, Arizona

Image Source: Imgur

It  shows huge amounts of some back substance, but there is not a single mine around, so the question what it actually is remains open.

23. Here is a small island off the German coast that turned out to be man-made

Image Source: Imgur

What looks like ruins turned out to be structures meant to stop erosion from spreading.

24. This was spotted in India

Image Source: Imgur

This land clearing was shaped in a weird way and it probably served an unknown purpose.

25. Here is another beautiful delta

Image Source: Imgur

This delta is located in Tibet and it shows part of Ayyakum Lake as well.

26. This is a curious sight to see

Image Source: Imgur

This image shows how Rio Grande enters the Mexican gulf and you can see the merging waters.

27Here is an island just off the shore of Maine

Image Source: Imgur

It is in Penobscot Bay and the rock formations seen here are a sign of previous volcanic activity.

28. This is a lighthouse at one of the Great Lakes

Image Source: Imgur

The curious thing about it is the way the waves spread after hittings its base – they are circular!

Written by Sven Miller

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