Top 3 Conspiracy Theories That Will Change The Way You Think


1. The 9/11 terroristattacks on the World Trade Center

There have been numerous speculations regarding the events of the tragic day. Some conspiracy theorists claim that the US military have successfully retrieved all four black boxes of the hijacked planes but are not revealing the data on purpose, probably because they have something to hide. Others believe that the Twin Towers were demolished on purpose by explosives in the basement. There are also people supporting the theory that the Israeli government had inside information and knew the attacks were scheduled to happen on September 11, 2001.

2. The New World Order

One of the most popular conspiracy theories of all times is the one regarding the existence of a secret society called “The New World Order”. Presumably, this secret organization consisted of powerful men and women is solely responsible for most of the international conflicts among different nations. They hide behind the reputation of the Bilderberg Group and their sole purpose is to form a single dominant authority and eliminate all forms of political systems in the world. It’s believed that the New World Order are the hidden masters controlling the population by mind control techniques and illegal mass surveillance. They are also responsible for creating false wars just in case their private interests are at stake.

3. John F. Kennedy Assassination

November 22, 1963 was one of the saddest and most confusing days prior the 9/11 attacks in American history. This is the day Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated John F. Kennedy, President of the US at that time.
While the main suspect was apprehended minutes after the attack, many still believe he was part of a bigger organization. Their suspicions have been fueled after Jack Ruby shot Oswald on live television. The argument of Ruby for his deed was that he wanted to spare Mrs. Kennedy the discomfort of having to come back in the trial room. Most do not buy this but rather believe Ruby was sent to kill Oswald in order to prevent him from revealing the secret organization that was behind JFK’s assassination.

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