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Top 30 Of The Best Puns Ever Created

Image Source: Scooby303 / Reddit

We love the fact that you can have a lot of fun while browsing the internet and you can amuse yourself in many different ways! One of those ways is the huge variety of puns that people post and share all the time. Scroll down to see a selection of some of the best ones!

1. Clinton created a hilarious pun

Image Source: Reddit

Bill Clinton was notorious for his sense of humor and his personality. This is why we are not surprised to see him goofing off and having fun! As you can see, he is standing between the statues of two famous presidents who happened to be related; therefore you might say that Clinton is behind the Bushes.

2. These cute horses are clearly fond of each other

Image Source: Reddit

This is an extremely cute photo that shows that people are not the only species capable of love, affection, passion and care. Their kind gesture towards one another is a pure sign of the way they feel for each other. You can call this a stable relationship! You got it, right?

3. Now this is just too funny

Image Source: Reddit

We love creative people because they are able to spot things that the rest might fail to notice. The creative mind knows no rest and every curious thing that the eyes capture is processed immediately. This is why someone took this photo and added a comment that a baby CAT was carried to safety by the mommy CAT which is hilarious.

4. An airport layover can be this cute

Image Source: Reddit

A layover at the airport is not an annoying thing anymore! This image was more than enough to give us a new meaning of that saying! Just take a look at this family of dogs! The pups can easily cause a cuteness overload and they even have their toys with them.

5. This is a funny situation

Image Source: Reddit

This is the only way police can beat someone on the streets of NYC! If you only read that line without seeing the image first, you are likely to think that something different happened! However, there was no harm done and all that man lost was a game of chess.

6. Here is a funny UFO sighting

Image Source: Reddit

This hilarious image is very clever! When you say that you have a UFO caught on tape, you can be sure that people would be thrilled to see it! However, they will be disappointed for sure when they see what actually happened. It is still technically a UFO caught on tape, though.

7. This is another witty and funny image

Image Source: Imgur

We love situations that have a hidden meaning. The sign you see is clearly pointing out that there is something curious to see if you follow it. However, the man next to the sign completely changes its meaning!

8. This is an interesting pint

Image Source: Reddit

When you go to a pub and order half a pint, you only expect a smaller size, right? Well, this Irish bar offers exactly half a pint! They seem to take their orders quite seriously! We like such n attitude and we would like to have one of those.

9. Here is something you cannot see every day

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes a situation can be so rare that taking a photo would be the only way for someone to believe you! We are glad that this person took such a photo because nobody would believe there was a literal meaning to the word ‘screenshot’.

10. This is a true periodic table

Image Source: Reddit

We love how people do things sometimes, because they strive to be different and they do amazing things to achieve it! Someone obviously outdid themselves with this periodic table of the elements! It is a clever thing to do and it looks really nice!

11. This person has a mole on his hands

Image Source: Reddit

This funny pun is one of the best on the list! As you can see, this person has a mole on his hand and he sent the photo to his son in order to troll him! The tiny creature appears to be relaxed which allowed the man to take this photo!

12. Here is something really funny

Image Source: Reddit

You know that when you say you don’t like something, you use the saying ‘not a huge fan’, right? Most people use it. However, you can use it to caption this photo as well. This guaranteed the cool pun that will be formed!

13. This is a huge cone variety

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that the most brilliant marketing strategies are the ones which count on the small details and the personal approach. As you can see, this ice cream stand offers a display of the different types of cones that they offer. The last option is a regular pine cone and nobody would probably eat it.

14. This pun is obvious

Image Source: Reddit

We laughed really hard at this one because it is ridiculously funny! The holy sh*t saying is probably one of the most frequently used phrases of all time but we never thought we would see it materialized! It is a funny coincidence!

15. Here is one cool life hack

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

This is definitely a valuable lesson that gives you the chance to get out of an awkward situation. If you want to kiss a girl, make sure you have one of those candy kisses that you can offer if she rejects you. This will save you the embarrassment!

16. This is a perfect image considering the weather in many parts of the world

Image Source: Reddit

There are a lot of things we miss during winter. The warm weather, the sun, the flip-flops and brown skin tan are only few of the hundreds of others we have in mind. We wish that spring was around the corner for real but we need to settle with this cool pun describing the image.

17. Trolling your girl needs to be done with caution

Image Source: Imgur

You need to be careful if you are about to troll your girl. Sometimes girls cannot take a joke and they burst into an episode of crying and making you feel bad. These episodes fade away but you need to do something about it.

18. This sign is really curios

Image Source: Imgur

If you say that Walmart raised their low prices without actually affecting the company and raising them, you will be really puzzled for sure! However, everything will become clear to you when you take a closer look at this image.

19. We loved this one

Image Source: Instagram

When you see this image you will probably immediately get what it was supposed to mean! Yes, this not the typical AA meeting but it technically is exactly that! We have no idea what the batteries with discuss but the pun is still funny.

20. This is not the typical sculpture

Image Source: Pinterest

You know how people say that they hit rock bottom when they fail at something? Well, we have a different point of view when it comes to that saying! As you can see, this is definitely a rock bottom that someone created as an art form.

21. This brings back memories

Image Source: Imgur

This image really brought back the 90s and we love how that felt! We immediately remember a lot of thing we loved to do. The pun is more than obvious and it is a reference to Vanilla Ice’s massive hit! The good old times were awesome

22. Here is an interesting form of art

Image Source: Deviantart

We love alternative art because it is an endless source of things we have never seen before and we appreciate the boldness of the people who are willing to create things in their own way. Not following a certain style makes the difference and Money Lisa is definitely a unique piece!

23. Someone trolled whoever put that instruction sign

Image Source: Imgur

The rebels among us are often the people with the biggest sense of humor. The image you see is the perfect example! We believe that whoever wrote that under the sign is a really clever person. This is why they came up that funny comment.

24. This is just too funny

Image Source: Imgur

Sometimes the most obvious things are the funniest! As you can see, someone thought of a funny and simple joke and it worked like a charm! Seeing the photo and the caption was more than enough to make us chuckle.

25. Just take a look at that face

Image Source: Reddit

This man’s face says a thousand words! He decided to recreate the sign over those refrigerators in his own hilarious way! Technically speaking, the man is right to create the pun because he was Spanish and he was freezing!

26. Someone lost control

Image Source: Playbuzz

This is what it means to lose control but in a literal way! We love the way someone captioned the photo of this broken keyboard! Sometimes an ordinary thing can be turned into something interesting by changing the perspective.

27. Here is how two feet of snow look like

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one way to describe how two feet of snow look like! We have no idea who created this snow sculpture and we don’t know why. What we do know is that it is one of the most bizarre things we have ever seen.

28. The gas prices obviously went down

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes the literal meaning of a certain situation is not as good as the real one. The image shows a good example! The only good way for the prices to go down is when they are really lowered. This is what matters after all.

29. This chair is definitely NSFW

Image Source: Imgur

Here is something that probably happened to a lot of us! This chair is definitely not safe for work which means that the NSFW term is kind of applicable for it! We hope nobody got injured then the chair failed and this happened.

30. This is not the right way to rewrite history


Image Source: Reddit

Many people claim that they are capable of amazing things! Some even say that they can have an influence big enough to rewrite history! As you can see, someone found a way to do it but we guess it would hardly have any impact on anything. It is still technically correct, though.

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