Top 5 Facts Why Fast Food Is BAD For Your Health

The 2004 documentary ‘Super Size Me’ was an experiment meant to prove what fast food and especially McDonald’s meals does to one’s health. Morgan Spurlock, the independent filmmaker who both starred and directed the movie, had to eat McDonald’s food only for a period of 30 days. His health deteriorated immensely over the course of the experiment but he managed to complete it nevertheless. Here are some facts and conclusions the documentary led to:


1. Even before small children have developed the ability to speak, they can fully distinguish the McDonald’s brand.
This disturbing fact suggests in a way that young kids’ first words could potentially be “Happy Meal”.

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2. In 1972 the average total of money spent on fast food was $3 billion. Today we spend over $110 billion for burgers and French fries a year! The McDonald’s corporation reportedly made a little over $27 billion for 2012 alone.

3. If we do not take any adequate measures against obesity as the leading cause of preventable death in the U.S., soon it will surpass tobacco smoking and claim the No.1 spot! In the global rankings for obesity rates among big countries the U.S., holds the 2nd spot behind Mexico.

4. The entire population of Spain is little more than 46 million people. That’s the total amount of people McDonald’s feeds on a regular daily basis.

5. It has been declared by the World Health Organization that obesity is now considered a global epidemic that is currently spreading extremely quickly across all regions of the planet.
The negative effects of increasing obesity among the population influences all levels of society from individuals to organizations to governments.


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