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Top 9 Unsolved Mysteries That May Never Be Solved

Thanks to forensics and technological advancements, more crimes are being solved now than ever were in the past. A few hundred years ago, before fingerprints could be dusted for and blood splatters could be analyzed, it was next-to-impossible to solve a murder. If someone disappeared, they were often gone for good.

So things have changed, and definitely for the better; however, despite all of our modern technology and the best efforts of law enforcement, there are mysteries that will likely just never be solved. Here are 10 examples of mysteries that will likely remain unsolved until the end of days.

1. Philadelphia’s boy in a box

On February 25th of 1957, a naked and battered body was found in a box the Fox Chase area of Philadelphia. Sadly, the body contained within the cardboard box was that of a little boy, who was estimated to be between three and seven years of age at the time of his death. The corpse was wrapped in a plaid blanket, and the box was of the sort used to sell bassinets back in those days.

Naturally, fingerprints of the deceased boy were taken in the hopes he would eventually be identified. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out. To this day, 60 years later, no one knows who the poor boy was in life. In 2002, a mentally ill woman claimed that her mother had purchased the boy at one point; however, due to her mental illnesses, her claims weren’t taken seriously.

The mostly forgotten boy’s gravestone is marked with the words “America’s Unknown Child”, which is probably how he will be remembered in perpetuity.

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2. The Zodiac Killer

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Almost everyone has heard of the Zodiac, a serial killer who committed his atrocious crimes in northern California in the 1960’s and 1970’s. He would mock and taunt local press via letters to the publications, often using cryptograms to do so. There have been various suspects over the years, but there hasn’t been any conclusive evidence generated. There is still an open case file in Napa and County and Riversdale over 40 years after the deaths.

The Zodiac killer claimed to be responsible for almost 40 murders, but only seven of those are confirmed to be his work. Two of his confirmed victims—David Arthur Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen—were shot and killed in late 1968 in Benicia, California. Another victim was shot and killed in October of 1969; that killing occurred in the Presido Heights section of San Francisco.

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3. Jack the Ripper

Unless you’ve been living under a rock your entire life, you’ve definitely heard of Jack the Ripper. His reign of terror has been the inspiration for books, movies, and guided tours of the places where he committed his crimes.

Jack the Ripper’s victims were mostly prostitutes who made their living in East London during the late 1880’s. The murders were particularly notable because internal organs were removed from the corpses; at the time, newspapers covered the killings pretty extensively. Five murders were determined to be connected, but there are five other deaths that could be attributed to “Jack”.

There are many theories regarding the true identity of Jack the Ripper; it is believed that the killer may have been an aristocrat or medical doctor. Suspects have been suggested, and there have been over 100 suspects named, but the evidence against them all is truly circumstantial. Chances are that we’ll never know who actually went on a killing spree in London back in the late 1880’s. The mystery, sad to say, will probably never be solved.

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Written by Kevin Barrett

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