Vegan Horrified After Accidentally Eating Meat In Her Sainsbury’s Falafel Wrap

Image Source: Facebook / Isobel Lentaigne

Isobel Lentaigne, a vegan, ate a falafel wrap from the supermarket chain Sainsbury’s. The wrap was labelled as vegan. Unfortunately for her, it was not.

What makes matters a bit worse is that Isobel, who is 21 years old, was at a vegan demonstration occurring in Bristol’s city center.

It was not until the fine arts student went to a pub later that she realized exactly what she was eating. She recognized that her falafel wrap had been mixed with hoisin duck, probably in the factory from which it came. That wrap was then sent to the Sainsbury’s branch.

Image Source: Facebook / Isobel Lentaigne

Isobel told the Bristol Post that she felt sick. She had been part of a demonstration of Anonymous for the Voiceless—an animal rights organization—in town; she ate part of the wrap not knowing what was actually in the wrap. She ate half of it during the day and then put it in her bag, she said. It was not until she arrived at the pub that she looked at it and recognized it was not actually vegan.

She was told by everyone that it was meat. Based on the smell, she said, it was hoisin duck. Isobel, who has been a vegan for over four years, said she was “shocked”.

Isobel added that she has eaten meat, and the very thought of meat makes her sick. She does not see it as meat; she claims that she sees meat as part of an animal that has suffered, and now she has those parts inside of her.

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She said that she bought the wrap with a label that clearly stated it was okay for vegans and vegetarians. She trusted Sainsbury’s, only to later learn that there was actual meat in her wrap.

A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s spoke out regarding the matter.

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The spokesperson said that the company is investigating that matter—and also apologizes to Isobel.

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In other vegan-related news, a video last week went viral. It showed a restaurant owner in Toronto cutting steak in front of protesters who were vegan. That restaurant’s business is doing quite well—possibly even better than before the protests.

To be specific, the owner carved an animal leg in the restaurant’s front window. He then returned about 30 minutes later; it appeared to protestors as if he was eating cooked meat.

Protesters held signs that read things like “animals are not ours to use” as well as “murder”.

A friend of the restaurant owner, a counter protestor, held a sign up that referred to the protesters as “self-righteous”.

Image Source: Marni Ugar / Facebook

The restaurant’s name is “Antler Kitchen and Bar”.

The protests resulted in police being called, and they were dispatched to the restaurant. There were no charges filed, and no arrests were made. Law enforcement has not revealed who actually called the police.

The leader of the vegan activists, Marni Ugar, has said that there are now longer waits for table reservations. She has noticed that the restaurant is busier than it was prior to the protests.

Marni said that the owner of the restaurant could sit down and speak with the group if he wanted the protestors to go away; instead, he simply is not returning her emails.

She claims that it does not really bother her that his business seems to be doing better than ever; her concern is the number of animals that are dying.

She added that the people who eat at that particular restaurant simply take business from other establishments. They are people who willingly consume the flesh of a dead animal. She said that she does find it interesting that people are going nuts and saying that she is impacting the owner’s business.

According to a spokesperson for the restaurant, the establishment has been protested before. Allegedly, Marni’s protest was the business’ fourth protest.

According to the restaurant’s website, it serves venison, duck, fish, boar, and beef. It also serves non-meat dishes.
Veganism is believed to reduce the risk of certain health conditions, including obesity, high blood pressure, and type II diabetes. However, a vegan diet may contribute to certain deficiencies, including calcium and vitamin B12. A deficiency of B12 can cause anemia and nerve damage. Therefore, vegans are advised to consume supplements.

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