When A Dead Loved One Visits You In Your Sleep It Means That They Are Asking For Forgiveness

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The realm of what lies beneath our consciousness and situated outside of any applicable logic. Most of us dream on а regular basis and yet few of us remember what we’ve dreamt about, let alone guess the meaning behind even the simplest, most basic dream. My auntie Jeanie once dreamed of a pair of socks drying in the wind behind the house she lived in as a kid. She kept on dreaming about those socks every night for a whole week. Being the superstitious and naturally curious woman that she is, aunt Jeanie went on and visited experts, web sites and neighbors, in search for a sound opinion (one that would make sense for her, anyway) and got as many opinions as people she asked about it. Who would have thought that socks can be as mysterious, huh?

But let’s get serious and cut to the chase.

Of all the types of dreams one might be having, there’s one that is weirder than all the rest (plus lots of people find it to be kind of creepy) – that of a visit from someone you knew and who now resides couple of feet underground.

For the duration of the dream, it may feel as real as life itself (as dreams usually do). That’s until you wake up, confused for a moment or two as to where you are and what’s happening and then realize it was all a dream.

Some people think that a dream about a dead person is nothing more than a strong memory – a trick of the sub consciousness, created simply because we miss them. Others claim there’s much more to it -that maybe out dreams are a reality through which those dead people cross in order to visit us and communicate.

Let’s see both sides of that coin, shall we?

First, let’s briefly cover the skeptics of this world. Recently, some professional interpreters (and I do mean scientists) have put together some convincing theories about what these dreams actually mean and what is really going on in our heads when we dream of dead people. Some traits of those so called ‘visitation dreams’ are pretty common, but then again – how they could not? After all, one key element is the same – people. No matter how old you are or where you live, your relationship to other humans are not so different than those of anyone else. We all have friends and families that we care for and love, which makes the emotional (and psychological) correlations between us pretty much the same, no matter who, where and when we are.

Doctor Patrick MnNamara, Ph.D., is something of a big deal in neurology. His work at Boston University labs covers everything that has to do with the subject at hand. Here’s some of the things he pointed out for Psychology Today:

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  • Whenever a deceased person visits someone’s dream, he or she would usually look exactly how the dreamer remembers them from their best years.
  • The deceased would usually have some sort of message communicating that they’re alright and are still present in the dreamer’s life.
  • The voice of the dead is rarely heard. The usual communication goes through telepathy
  • Although many dreams are fairy weird and abstract, those of visitation are usually much more grounded and plausible.
  • Most dreams are hard to remember, their details are quickly lost in the sub consciousness of the dreamer. Visitation dreams, however, are much clearer the next day.
  • Most visitation dreams are proven to be therapeutic to the dreamer, as they tend to help with processing grief.

And then, there’s the spiritual side of the matter. OMTimes is one of the biggest communities for spiritual living, wellness, etc. Recently they have been actively discussing the subject, as a counter side of what science has to offer. Here are some of their points:

  • Whenever a deceased one visits you in your dream, chances are that he or she could be looking to resolve a problem between you, or ask for forgiveness;
  • Another possibility for the visit could be that the visitor knows you’re at a crossroad in your life and is offering you help in dealing with it.
  • A visit from a loved one, who’s now dead, could happen because he or she wants you to feel alright with their passing. They want to communicate to you that they’re safe and everything is alright.
  • Another possible reason for a visit from the underworld could be to tell you something about their circumstances, information about the afterlife or something else entirely
  • All you need to know is that you shouldn’t be scared about being visited in your dreams by your dead loved ones. You shouldn’t be afraid at all, those visits are as positive as anything in the land of the living. Take it as a lesson and think about what the lesson could be about.

There you have it. No matter which school of thought you subscribe to – the spiritual or the scientific, this, strangely enough, is one area where they come to an agreement of sorts, concluding that there’s nothing sinister in visitation dreams. No ghouls, no ghosts. Just a chance to find piece in knowing that those whom we love but cannot see anymore are now and forever a part of us. Seeing them in our dreams is a path towards closure, if not for our brains, than perhaps for our souls. And it doesn’t really matter if there’s some grand mystery at play here – the important thing is to remember that the time we couldn’t have with those we loved, we can spend with them in our dreams. In the end, what else can we ask for? Enjoy.

Written by George Angel

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