Woman Posted A Photo Of Homeless Man Sobbing In Burger King And He Got Help After It Went Viral

The hustle and bustle of modern life is more than enough to keep our minds constantly occupied. What this also means is that we’re constantly thinking about ourselves, our problems, goals, tasks and so on but we almost never stop to think about the lives of the people around us.

A woman from Missouri did exactly that. She put aside the things she was supposed to do ij order to help a person in need. Katy Hurst decided to have a bite at Burger King in between errands when she noticed something from the drive-thru.

She saw a homeless man sitting alone in the restaurant, seemingly miserable and lonely. Katy opened up about how she saw him broken down, crying but she didn’t know anything about him except that he had a bicycle with a cart on it.

She decided to take a picture of him quietly and couldn’t stop thinking about him all day so she went back to the same Burger King restaurant to see if he was still there.

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The picture Katy took, she also posted on social media and it quickly became viral as she was speaking with the man. His name was David, but people called him Pops and he had a painful life story. The woman took him in her home and gave him warmth and shelter.

He told Katy how the only way he knew to ask for help was through prayer. Throughout his whole life, praying is what he did and it was finally answered.

Pops told Katy that he had several broken bones so she took him to a hospital where he was treated by professionals. Soon after, Katy and a woman named Erika Brackenbury organised a fund raiser for David which received a great response together with a lot of generosity.

The compassion Katy Hurst showed, not only saved, but changed Pops’ life for the better. We should all look at her as a role model of human connection and empathy.


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