Woman Suffering From Short-Term Memory Loss Relives Her Divorce And Cries Every Day

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One of Adam Sandler’s signature movies was ’50 First Dates’, in which Drew Barrymore co-starred alongside him.

The plot revolves around a guy named Henry Roth; the character is a complete womanizer and does not want a serious relationship, until he meets Lucy. The problem is that she suffers from a fictitious memory impairment called Goldfield’s Syndrome, meaning that she loses her memory of each day during the night after it went by.

While this is only a movie, several conditions exist that are similar to the one Barrymore’s character suffered from.

The sad truth is that there are real people whose life passes in a similar way, and it could be even worse than what was shown in that film.

A young Russian woman suffers from memory loss triggered by a disease—and each day she finds out that her husband actually left her after she got sick, which leaves her in tears. This is absolutely heartbreaking.

29-year-old Veronika Mescheryakova suffers from a form of porphyria, and the consequences of this illness are severe; in addition to the short-term memory loss, her limbs are paralyzed. She underwent an operation to relieve the symptoms a few years ago, but it wasn’t successful.

Veronika is now forced to relive—day after day—the devastating news that her husband divorced her months ago; he filed the divorce papers in November 2017. The young woman is left heartbroken every time she is told what really happened.

Image Source: CEN

When each new day starts, Veronika believes that her husband is off to work, but when eventually the working day ends and he is still not home, she gets confused; this is the moment her mother has no other choice but to tell her the sad truth that he had left her. We cannot imagine what enormous pain must be for the mother to see how her daughter breaks into tears every time she finds out that her husband abandoned her.

The exact reason why Veronika’s husband left her is unknown to the public, but he did so after she got ill.

However, it really doesn’t matter, because the worst consequence of the divorce is the sadness that the young woman relives each passing day.

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According to local reports, Veronika’s mother is eager to help her daughter learn to walk again, which is a slow process. She also hopes that someday her daughter might be able to renew her relationship with her ex-husband.

Image Source: CEN

Many people commented on the media reports about this case. Some say that they feel very sorry for her, adding that her pain makes them want to cry. Others suggested that it was probably better to tell her that she left him—instead of the other way around.

Porphyria is actually a condition that combines several disorders. People suffering from it have the inability to cleanse porphyrins, which are essentially organic compounds. They cause interference with the regular operations of the skin and the nervous system, resulting in different types of acute and skin porphyrias.

Apparently it is not easy at all to live with this kind of illness, as a person named Jack points out in a testimony for the website of the American Porphyria Foundation. Jack suffers from Acute Intermittent Poryphria (AIP), and he says that such a condition could make any marriage very hard; however, his wife Margaret stood by him.

Jack also said that having a good spouse is a real treasure, especially when you have a disease like the one he has.

He added that every patient suffering from a major illness needs to realize how hard it is for the other person to live with a chronically ill partner; therefore, there has to be a certain level of gratitude and kindness in return.

Jack is apparently a lucky man, because his loving wife was very dedicated, but still she suffered a lot of stress; this causes a feeling of guilt inside of him. After all, nobody wants to be the reason for their partner’s worries and discomfort. He also said that she was the sole reason he was able to fight the symptoms and continue his career.

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