Тhe Strangest Bans Around The World You Haven't Heard Of


You probably think that your country’s government is insane to place yet another ridiculous ban but just wait until you read this!
1. Children names in Denmark: in Denmark you have to choose your child’s name from a list with 24,000 names given by the government.

2. Emo clothes in Russia : in order to lower the suicide percentage, the Russian government has forbidden the emo clothing.

3. V-day in Saudi Arabia: the Arabic government has banned the celebration of Valentine’s day in Saudi Arabia because it’s beyond their muslim principles. You won’t even find anything red in the shops on V-day!

4. Western haircuts in Iran: Iran has banned the Mulatis, ponytail and spikes hairdos in order to keep their culture uninfluenced by others.


5. Video games in Greece: that’s right, video games were banned in Greece in 2002 in order to ban electronic gambling machines. In 2003 the ban was removed.

6. Avatar 2D in China : the Chinese didn’t like the idea of the US army in the movie, so they allowed it only in 3D knowing there were more 2D theaters in China.


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