​KFC Just Started Selling Ross Geller’s ‘Moist Maker’ Sandwich And It Is Amazing

Ah, the nineties – a time now seen through the pink sunglasses of hipster-nostalgia. CD-s, personal pagers, no internet (at least not what we have now) and no Marvel movies. Still…Give anything couple of decades twenty-some years to stew and suddenly it comes back gets to be fresh again. So much so, that even a meta-element from a hit sitcom can be hip (a nineties word) enough to make it on a Christmas menu in KFC.

Case and point – the Moist Maker.

What’s a Moist Maker, I hear you ask? A moist maker is what Ross Geller from the famous American sitcom Friends, calls his favourite after-Thanksgiving sandwich. The one that his boss stole from the office fridge and Ross risked his job over an argument about it. The Moist Maker receipt consists of thanksgiving turkey leftovers wrapped in two pieces of bread and the secret element – a gravy-soaked slice of bread, carefully placed in-between.

KFC has released its Christmas menu specials last week and as always – there are pretty cool sounding pieces of happiness there – the Celebrations Krushem Milkshake for example. Another item I hold in high regard are the Festive Spiced French Fries. But the real big deal is the ‘Moist Maker’ – now with double the chicken and at the attractive price of $8.46. Of course – if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. The only catch is that you practically can’t order the Moist Maker from KFC.

What you should do instead, is build it from other three menu items. Yeah, it’s a bit tricky, I know, but bare with me here and at the end, you will know how to prepare your own Moist Maker.

All you need is a Mini Filet Burger, a regular Filet Burger and a small pot of gravy. Then it’s basically a matter of placing the small one into the bigger one and moist with the gravy. Didn’t get it? Alright,


I’ll explain it step by step.

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Image Source: KFC

1. Lift the top part of the bun from the regular Filet Burger, exposing the goodness inside. Little dry, right? Pour some gravy, to take care of that. Don’t close it yet!

2. Take the bottom part of the bun from the Mini Filet Burger and place it on the gravy soaked chicken. Gravy it up!

3. The chicken from the Mini? Put it on top of your moist burger construction. Again – some gravy wouldn’t hurt.

4. Close the lid with the top bun from the Filet Burger. Done! Have yourself a happy KFC Christmas!
Of course, that being said, it could be a better option to just create your own Moist Maker a home, then got on the sofa, and watch your favorite episode of Friends.
With that – I bid you happy sandwiching!

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