1 In 10 Vegetarian Sausages Contain Meat And HUMAN DNA

As it turns out, approximately 1 in 10 allegedly vegetarian sausages contains not only meat, but even actual human DNA!

You probably thought that by going to the market and buying a bunch of sausages from the specially designated vegetarian section will ensure you that you won’t really eat meat and you’ll remain faithful to your beliefs and habits as a vegetarian? Think again!

A company, named Clear Food, specializes in testing mainly vegan/vegetarian products, as well as allegedly gluten-free food items in order to prove if the label really fits the product. They recently conducted a bunch of tests on vegetarian sausages and hot dogs and the results they got are striking! The guys at Clear Food used special high tech molecular tests in their attempts to analyze the structure of these food items. What was shocking was the fact that such “vegetarian” products contained meat. Approximately 1 in every 10 sausages and hot dogs had traces of chicken and pork meat in its structure, even though the labels claimed the products were vegetarian. Not only that, but it turned out that a lot of these products also had human DNA in them. The DNA probably came from hair or some nail particles, but the fact is that it was present in the food items.

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Clear Food claims that human DNA was found in 2% of the tested products and that nearly 2/3 of the human DNA was found in vegetarian sausages or hot dogs. The molecular tests the company carried out are aimed at targeting any possible contamination traces that have been missed by the food items’ producers or distributors.

Is this information enough to put you off your efforts to eat only vegetarian “meat”, because you believe that there’s no meat in it?

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