10 Bizarre Stories You Definitely Didn’t Know About The Frozen Bodies Left On Mount Everest


4. 75 years of search for George Mallory

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In 1924, a man by the name of George Mallory and his partner Sandy Irvine, two of the pioneers of mountaineering, took upon the expedition of their lives, attempting to climb Everest. They never returned and their bodies were never found, until 1999. Well, to be precise, only George’s body was found.

After 75 years of staying dead in the snow, his body was mummified, but not beyond recognition or analysis. After examining the marks of injury (a severe head trauma being one of those) the conclusion was that the two men fell from a higher position and that maybe one of the man dragged the other on his way down.

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5.The first lady to perish on the mount

It was October, 1979 when death carved another notch on the Everest’s list of the deceased, this time making history.

Hannelore Schmatz was a brave and emancipated woman and as an added bonus, she was  a great climber, as strong and adaptable as any man in the same field. She successfully ascended to the summit, alongside her partner Ray Ganet, but as many of those stories go to show you, it’s usually the way down that’s more dangerous and potentially fatal. On their way down, Hannelore and Ray needed rest and made a bad decision by choosing to stay overnight in the notorious death zone. A snowstorm caught them by surprise and Ray succumbed to hypothermia. Hannelore survived that round, but the next day she couldn’t make it to the safety of the camp, her body collapsed from fever. She was unable to continue on and died only 330 ft from  that camp.  Years passed, before the mountain winds dragged her frozen corpse from that original position. Now most of the climbers now her simply as “the German woman”.


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6. The rainbow valley

As grim as death is, once you get used to it, it can can surprise you in the oddest of ways. Take “Rainbow Valley” for example. Well – it’s not really a ‘valley’ per se, it’s more of a pit, located at the Northeast ridge of Everest and it’s full of dead bodies. Doesn’t sound charming or rainbow-like at first, but wait – all of those corpses are wearing colorful winter jackets and those colors really pop, especially considering all the gray and white around.

The pit gets fuller every year, since other climbers push newly found corpses into the pit (I’m guessing to remove the obstacles out of their way) all the time, even though Nepal Law prohibits it, stating that Everest’s sanctity must be kept at all costs. Oh, well – not if no one is watching, I guess.

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