10 Bizarre Stories You Definitely Didn’t Know About The Frozen Bodies Left On Mount Everest


7. The Brit who tried to defeat the Mountain armed with nothing, but a prayer

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Brits are tough, there’s no denying that. But even the toughest British man (Liam Neeson, I’m looking at you) couldn’t survive the elements (watch ‘THE GRAY’), if not equipped properly.

Well, in 1935, a man by the name of Maurice Wilson (a former fighter pilot) tried to climb Everest alone, without any previous climbing experience or knowledge of how to use his equipment, which wasn’t much, to begin with.

What he had was faith in the Lord.

He had a rather unconventional plan – to fly his plane to the summit (as close as he could) land it nearby and continue on foot. Local authorities didn’t grant him the permission needed for such a stunt, so Maurice had to go with plan B – start his journey from the Rombuk (a glacier in Tibet) and move from there. His lack of skills caused him to get lost a number of times along the way. Completely turned around and running out of resources, Maurice was left with only a prayer. But, as it turned out, Mother Nature is not as benevolent a god as others. His body was found later that year, alongside the evidence of Maurice’s story – his diary.

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8. Ghost Snowboarder on Everest

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Marco Siffredi was a Frenchman and a thrill seeker, who dreamt the ultimate dream – to snowboard from the top of Everest. Of course, as every guy with a dream who gets high on adrenaline, Marco knew that ultimately his dream should be tested in reality. So in 2001 he did what was never done before – he got to the spot of the mountain that he wanted, got on his snowboard and slid down successfully.

Driven by the phrase “a man’s reach should exceed his grasp” and not completely satisfied with his endeavor, Marco returned the following year with a new challenge – to slide down what he saw as “the real Everest experience” – the Hornbein Coulier. The problem was, during 2002, tons of extra snow had amassed on the Coulier. Negligent to his Sherpa’s advice, and battling with the near-impossible task to move up that ridge, Marco carried on in an attempt to get to what snowboarders considered “a holy Grail” for that sport. Needless to say, he didn’t make it there alive.

But the real kicker is that later, some a group of Sherpas saw a lone silhouette of a snowboarder, sliding down North Col. As far as they knew, no one was supposed to be up there, so they investigated. What did they find? Nothing. There were no tracks of a snowboard to be seen in the snow. Cool, huh.

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9.  Everest’s darkest time

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By now you realize that Everest in no place to be trifled with, and that’s on a good day. But what would be a bad day on Everest be? Well, as fate would have it, it wasn’t a day, but a whole season.

Spring, 1996 is considered to this day to be among the worst, most dangerous weeks in Everest history. The mountain was hit with blizzards, plagued by avalanches, drowned in snowstorms. Several mountain climbers perished in one of those monsters of a blizzard. One of those victims was a lady by the name of Yasuko Namba. Mrs. Namba was very close to completing what’s considered by many to be the jackpot in climbing – getting to the top of all seven famous summits.

Yasuko was 47 then, the oldest female climber to ever summit Everest. A storm caught her and her group on their way down. Most of them died from hypothermia that same night. The others, Yasuko included, were mistaken to be dead by another passing group. Some of Yasuko’s group, albeit in a gruesome condition, managed to make it to the camp. Yasuko wasn’t as lucky. She died abandoned and alone.

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10.  He stumbled upon his buddy’s corpse on Everest

Just having conquered Everest (on his fifth attempt), Peter Kinloch and his group of Sherpas started their long and dangerous descent down. On top of exhaustion and hypothermia, Peter started suffering from snow blindness on their way down. Even though the Sherpas tried to aid him down the path, eventually the lack of oxygen forced them to leave him and there he died.

A couple of months later, a friend of Peter’s by the name of Rodney Hogg also made an attempt to get to that summit. And it was somewhere along his way, where he stumbled upon his friend’s perfectly preserved body and instantly recognized him.

Hogg paid his respects to his dead friend and continued on.

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