10 Conspiracy Theories That Will Make You Suspicious About the Official Story of 9/11

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September 11, 2001 was unquestionably one of the worst days in American history. We all watched in horror as we were attacked on our own soil.

It is one of those days where you can remember exactly what you were doing when you found out that an airplane crashed into one of the Twin Towers in New York City.

We quickly learned that this was an act of terrorism, and it plunged us into years of war and led to a lot of destabilization in the Middle East.

There have been conspiracy theories since day one, and they still run rampant today.

There are many reasons that some people give for not believing the official story of what happened on that horrible day in American history.

Many of the reasons come from people who were present when it happened. Many of them have good points. Some could be pure conjecture.

Let’s take a look at some of them, and you can decide what you believe for yourself.

1. Experienced Pilots?

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One point that many have brought up is to wonder how untrained people were able to fly these airplanes. The terrorists were not pilots, so how was it that they managed to pilot these huge aircraft?

A few different professional pilots have stated that even an experienced pilot might have trouble navigating the paths the planes took that day.

There have been many TV shows in which they simulate the events and flight paths from 9/11 and determine that it would be nearly impossible for these men to fly these planes that way.

Rick Garza is a pilot trainer in San Diego, California, and he actually gave the hijackers lessons on small planes and said they were unable to even get the basics down. They were asked to leave the class and not return. The two inept men, Khalid al-Midhar and Nawaf Alhazmi ended up as the ones in charge of the group that terrorized the United States.


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NORAD is a highly sophisticated system that is quite possibly the best air defense anywhere in the world.

This begs to question why none of the hijacked planes used in the attacks on 9/11 were detected to have gone off course and scrambled or intercepted by the fighter aircraft just a few miles away, at Andrews AFB.

Many people who have studied the events of that September day insist that this attack was allowed to happen by our government. They knew something was going on a full half hour before the attacks began to occur.

Interceptors, which are fighter jets, ready at all times to be dispatched if need be, were utilized well over 100 times in the year 2000. Only half as much between the end of 2000 and June of 2001. Normally, only a very slight deviation from the planned course of any aircraft would warrant deployment.

So, it’s very strange that in this day, they just didn’t. Not in time, anyway.

3. Witnesses Reported Bombs Going Off

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Claims of a series of controlled blasts taking down the twin towers are very prevalent, with video proof and everything.

Many people who survived said they heard explosions inside the buildings, and they began talking about it immediately after. First responders even relayed the information of explosions heard prior to the plane hitting the building on the news.

A worker at the Pentagon, April Gallop, was with her son when she claims she heard what seemed more like a bomb than a plane crash. She also failed to witness any airplane debris, luggage, or bodies, to support the claim of a hijacked plane hitting. She was so adamant that the story we were given was false that she attempted to sue the government.

She has been called un-American for telling her story.

4. Rumsfield’s Speech

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The day before the terrorist attack, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld made a speech announcing cuts to the Pentagon to free up more money to utilize towards arms.

It was also revealed that the whereabouts of over 2 billion dollars was unknown. His plan for cutting the budget was to liberate the pentagon, not hurt it. He said the old computers operations would be overhauled on the computers that keep track of government spending.

Coincidence that the building was attacked the next day?

5. Speaking of Computers

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The talk of the overhaul of computers seemed a little suspicious to many, especially when that particular part of the building was hit. It was all destroyed, obliterating the paper trail and thus the 2 billion in missing money was just forgotten.

The theory is that the money was made a available for a sort of shadow government to use however they saw fit.

Important, irreplaceable documents were lost that day, too. Experts and researchers aren’t even sure to this day the extent of items that went missing.

An example is the original papers from 1921 that pertain to the Port Authority of New York’s inception.

6. Flight 77 Theories

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The hijacker that piloted flight 77 had to angle the plane very precisely to hit the Pentagon the way it was hit. Hani Hajour was the pilot of that plane, and witnesses say there is no way that’s true.

He did have a pilot license, issued in 1999, in Arizona. Weeks prior to 9/11, he attempted to rent a small Cessna and was denied the rental after a chaperoned flight test. He could not fly the small plane.

The phone calls made from the flight are also believed to be fabricated. Some think the “victims” were either murdered by our own government or paid off and given new identities. The theory also insists that they were tricked into even being at the airports for the purpose of pictures of real passengers after the faux attacks.

Scientists, scholars and former military personnel are some of the people who just can’t swallow the official story of this day.


7. Missiles

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A retired 2 star General, Albert Stubblebine, claimed he could prove that no plane hit the pentagon. His story fits in with April Gallop’s account of the day.

Stubblebine took the official story at face value until he probed into the attack on the Pentagon. He claims that there is a huge cover up and he wanted to reveal it all to the public.

He let it be known that all but one camera was shut off at the time the plane hit. The five frames of film from that one camera seem to show the plane hitting the building. This is what was released to the public.

Stubblebine insists the photos are of a missle, and have been altered to fool the public.

Many citizens around the area claim to have even heard emergency services over police scanners say that a missle hit the Pentagon.

8. Flight 93

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The least talked about fourth plane used during the attacks is a mystery. How did it crash?

Some claim that Rumsfeld admits to it being shot down by our own fighters in a speech made in December of 2004.

The government quickly said he wasn’t correct and didn’t mean to say that. “Misspoke” is the word used.

We have all heard how the passengers overthrew the bad guys in this plane, resulting in a crash landing in Pennsylvania.

A white plane was seen in White House airspace just before flight 93 crashed, and John Kong, CNN corespondent pointed it out on air. Nothing was ever found out about this mysterious plane. Did it go after flight 93?

9. CGI Planes

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John Lear is a former pilot for the CIA. His claims that the planes were CGI and put in a fabricated video to hit the twin towers at the times set for prescheduled explosions.

The video has been seen millions of times, and is enough for many people to call the entirety of 9/11 an inside job.

They believe it was a set up by our own government.

These claims, and the videos that go along with them are met with just as much disbelief as they are believed.

It is compelling video brought to our attention by a trustworthy member of society.

What do you think about this CGI theory?

10. The Science of it All

Correlating with the CGI videos are the arguments about the jet fuel and steel beams.

Many accounts say the jet fuel caused the fires and was the reason the towers fell.

They aren’t buying it. This includes professionals like those in demolition and physics.

“Pull” was allegedly heard over radio airwaves just before the collapse. This is a command in demolition work to command the explosions.

Some argue that it was meant as a command for first responders to back up the vehicles from the buildings.

Sites dedicated to the truth of 9/11 have received claims that there was an influx of activity in the lower parts of the buildings by contractors and nobody is sure what they were working on. Could they have been planting explosives?

There are arguments to the contrary, of course, when it comes to all of these claims.

11. Timeline Discrepancies

Memory is funny during times of high stress and can be totally inaccurate when recalling timelines of events.

In a live audience question and answer session, televised on CNN, that took place with President Bush, his answers seemed to contradict each other at times.

He said he was in a hallway about to spend time with school children when he saw the plane hit the tower. Official stories say he was told about the second plane as he was reading with the kids.

This can’t be true as told, because he second plane hitting is the only one that was televised. Footage of the first plane was located much later, after he left the school.

Bush said he immediately talked to Rumsfeld, but that story was contradicted by Rumsfeld when he stated not being aware of the situation until just before the Pentagon crash.

These conspiracy theories might be completely off, but it’s clear that there is enough confusion and lack of clear timelines to see how some people want to dig deeper.

Do you have any thoughts on the official story versus the alternative theories presented here?


Written by Amanda Johnson

Amanda Johnson is a former Army brat who resides in southern Alabama. She is married to her wonderful husband, Brian, and has four children; Justin, Nicolas, Molly, and Lucas. She loves reading, writing, cooking, and going to concerts. She also loves spending time at the beach and hopes to retire there someday.

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