10 Facts And Weird Stories You Definitely Didn’t Know About Serial Killers


Why are we so interested in crazy people who kill other people in bulk? Maybe it’s because reading and watching about it is the closest we can get to knowing about madness and evil, without putting our own lives in danger. We are born in chaos and spend our lives trying to put it in order, to set rules that keep us safe. Delving into a deadly mind with a set of rules of its own gets us as close to understanding it, as humanly possible and thus we feel we can almost see that structure we so crave. Plus, it’s fun. That’s why I’ve decided to scrub the internet floor for the ten stories on real-life serial killers that you wouldn’t know. You’re welcome.

1. Debbie Harry and Ted Bundy

Are you a fan of Blondie? I’m not and maybe that’s why I wasn’t familiar with the band’s front woman’s story, although she told it a good number of times and in public.

It happened at some point in the seventies, in New York. One night Debbie found herself alone, walking the streets, trying to catch a cab ride. It was the small hours and the streets were empty. A car pulled off, the door opened and the driver asked Debbie if she needed a lift. Debbie initially refused, but the guy was persistent enough and with no other cars around, she agreed and got in.

Upon entering the vehicle though, the woman quickly realized that something was way off. The interior of the car was stripped off and there were no handlebars on the inside. Debbie was quick on her feet – she reached out the semi-opened window and opened her door from the outside, then she got out, as the car was speeding. The guy never stopped.

Later on she saw his face again – this time it was on the news and she realized she was looking at the face of the one and only Ted Bundy.

Was her story true? It’s not very likely. Back then Ted Bundy was known to prowl the Pacific Northwest and not NY. The car he used was different than the one Debbie remembered. Yet no one disproved it neither.

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2. American Legend

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Given enough time, a rumor can grow into a full-fledged legend. That’s exactly what happened with the case of H.H. Holmes.


This distinguished-looking gentlemen lived in the 19th century and in was in fact one of the most influential monsters of urban legend.

Even though some of the people he claimed he killed, were later proven to be alive and he was convicted for nine murders, tall tales from that period give him credit for over 500 murders. Widely known as America’s first serial killer, he was also believed by some to be the man behind another serial killer’s crimes – those of Jack the Ripper. And while such a story is now known to be completely bogus, it’s a prime example of how a man’s reach can exceed his grasp, even if we talk about serial killers and their bloody affairs.

The H.H. Holmes mythos doesn’t end there, though. For the longest time a rumor persisted that Holms escaped captivity and died in India a free man. That rumor was put to an end, when his great-great grandson allowed Holmes’ body to be exhumed, as a bookend to a hit TV show. Once the coffin was opened and some test were run, his DNA and his mustache proved it was indeed him.

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3. Blood Brothers


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Do you believe that evil can be in some way contagious?

Take for example the case of Pedro Pablo Nakada Ludena, a.k.a. “the Apostole of Death”. In six years (2000 – 2006) he washed the back alleys of Lima in the blood of 25 people, later claiming that God chose them. His victims were sex workers, homosexuals and addicts.

For his grisly murders (of which the prosecutors only proved 17), he got a 35 years stretch.
When he found out about Pablo’s crimes, his younger brother Vayron (who at that point was living in Japan) returned to Peru to visit him. Something happened during that visit and Vayron was not the same after that. He gradually became more and more distant to his family, wouldn’t go out and stopped eating. In time most of the people who were close to Vayron lost contact with him.

Cut to a couple of years later, when they learned that Vayron was arrested for the alleged murder of six people, all of which killed in a span of three days. He was tried and found guilty. The family refuses to comment anything outside the claim that both siblings were suffering from schizophrenia.

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