10 Facts And Weird Stories You Definitely Didn’t Know About Serial Killers


4. Boxing Champion And Addicted to Violence

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This one is a bit of a mystery.

An unresolved case from the sixties, it covers a series of killings that happened in jolly ole London. The victims were street prostitutes, their bodies were left naked, to the horror of the citizens who found them. Leave it to the papers to give the killer the nickname “Jack the Stripper”. Classic British humor, right?

Several people were suspected to be behind the bloodshed, but by far the most interesting one was Freddie Mills. Mills was a boxer and not just any boxer, but a former world champion. The accusations came from an Jimmy Tippet – an ex-gangster, whose father used to box (therefore he knew Mills) and were based only on the fact that Mills was known for his proclivity for violence in his life outside the ring and not only inside of it. Many people knew it, but none of them would talk openly and on record. It wasn’t enough for an arrest.

Mills committed suicide a few years later, leaving the case open. Some say what pushed him over the edge was the demise of a lover. Other said he was killed because he owed money to the wrong people. But what further spurred the belief that he was behind the killings was the fact that his death was only months after the last dead body was found.
In the end the lead detective on this case dismissed that possibility as well, on account of insufficient evidence.

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5. Serial vs Mass

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Prisons are much like kinder gardens, in the sense that the powers that run it must keep their ‘guests’ well fed and safe, sometimes even from each other. And just like with everything else in life, this, too, is easier said than done. Sometimes characters just clash. Sometimes because they’re opposites and sometimes because they’re the same.

One such case is the conflict that erupted between Joel Rifkin and Colin Ferguson. They met in Attica in 1994 and had the opposite of what romantic comedies would call ‘a meet cute’. Rifkin was there for murdering seventeen women and Ferguson was behind the infamous 1993 spree shooting in Long Island in which six people died and 20 more were injured.

A simple argument escalated to boasting about which of them was deadlier, which grew into a brawl. No one got injured. It’s funny in a way, isn’t it.


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6. Jeffrey Dahmer

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One of history’s most horrific serial killers was Jeffrey Dahmer. A true monster, Dahmer prayed on young homosexual men, who he lured to his apartment, where he would heavily sedate them, before raping, killing and dismembering them. Later he would proceed on eating their flesh, which earned him the nickname “The Milwaukee Cannibal”.

His reign of terror was put to an end in 1991, after his latest would-be victim, a young man by the name of Tracy Edwards, managed to escape Dahmer’s apartment. Edwards was heavily drugged, handcuffed and almost naked when the police stopped him on the street. Later that night Tracy lead the authorities to Dahmer’s apartment, thus saving who knows how many lives in years to come.

For Tracy Edwards the experience of being so close to so violent a death was the beginning of the end. Drugs became a permanent part of his day-to-day life and the only way of keeping the nightmares away. Shelters for the homeless became his home and he would change them regularly.

This went on and on, until six years ago, when Edwards finally hit his bottom, causing the death of another man, by pushing him over a bridge. I find this story truly tragic.

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