10 Facts And Weird Stories You Definitely Didn’t Know About Serial Killers


7. Family Traditions

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Even in Australia – a place where pretty much everything can kill you in one way or another, we remains the deadliest, most cruel animal in existence. It’s an evolutionary trait, some say. But could be genes that spread the killing instinct? Something, that, perhaps runs in the family?

Meet Ivan Milat – one of Australia’s most prominent serial killers. Before his arrest in 1994, he managed to brutally kill seven (or more) people, using different methods and he did it all in cold blood. A true human monster.

Now meet Matthew – Ivan’s great-nephew. In 2012 Matthew and his friend Cohen were found guilty in the grisly murder of another boy – David Auchterlonie and they chose to do it on David’s birthday.

Matthew and Cohen led David in the same forest where twenty years earlier Matthew’s uncle used to hunt and kill strangers. Then Matthew Milat murdered David in cold blood, using an axe, while Cohen was video recording it on his cell phone.

The Judge appointed for the trial later said that Matthew never showed any remorse. He’d gloat and laugh about it and say that “That’s our family’s way”.

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8. The horror show

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Before O.J.’s trial, which dwarfed every other trial in history, there was the infamous Richard Ramirez (a.k.a. the Night Stalker) and his court proceedings from Hell.

Apart from being a serial killer, Richard was a new breed of performer – one who could make your blood freeze. He would look at his victims’ relatives and loved ones and taunt them, smile and wink. He drew pentagrams on his body and scream in the middle of the process. He bragged that he could have a gun smuggled in court and he could kill whoever he wanted at any given point, but mainly the prosecutor. It got to a point where people were so afraid of Ramirez, they searched each and every person who’d walk into the court room.

One day one of the jurors by the name of Phyllis Singletary was found murdered. What was fear before, quickly escalated into panic. Everybody thought that somehow Ramirez ordered the hit. A mistrial was a real possibility at that point.


But then the truth about the juror’s death was found and everybody settled. Phyllis’s tragic murder was the result of a dispute she had with James Melton, the man she lived with. Melton later committed suicide and left a note, explaining her death.

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9. A summer to remember

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Chris Clarke always knew his mom to be a woman of bad taste when it came to men. That’s why when in the summer of 81 she introduced him to her latest boyfriend Ray, right off the bat, Chris (then 21) was ready not to like the guy.

Ray, however, won the boy over. He managed to get Chris a job for the summer, painting houses with him. One day Chris’s ladder started sliding off the roof of a house he was working. Chris froze with fear, as he was about to fall. Ray saw it from across the yard and rushed to save Chris. Since that day they truly became closer.

Later that summer Ray asked Chris to help him isolate the interior of his van, using pieces of old carpet. It never occurred to Chris to ask why are they soundproofing the vehicle. He never thought about that, until the day he realized who Ray was. His real name was Stephen Morin, the serial killer, who abducted, tortured, raped and killed no less than 30 women. And he did it all in that old van.

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10. Tech Vs Evil

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Serial Killers are by their nature narcissists. In one way or another, all of them want the fame and all of them go to extreme lengths in order to get it. Which, in turn, ultimately brings a lot of them down.
Take Maury Travis for example. He claimed he did 17 murders and was eager to get the police to find some of the bodies. So he sent them a marked map, he printed off the internet. Thanks to IP tracking, the police had no problem tracking Travis down. Hours later they were knocking on the guy’s door.

A similar thing happened to Dennis Rader, a serial killer from Wichita. He sent the media a floppy drive and authorities tracked him down in no time. Nobody can hide from modern technology and for once, I’m happy about that.

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